Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Survival Skills: Reading People

Hi. Ive been reading your blog now for a while, and just joined your
forum, also, I am purchasing your book after I write this email. Im a
CNC tech, and a Rep for my company, I travel a lot inside the US only,
one thing I have noticed is this. No matter where you are, there are
simply some people who are willing to help you, who are caring enough
to offer you a hand when you need one, and there are people that truly
could care less, and even go out of there way to make the situation
worse. Being able to recognize the good, from the bad, or in other
words being able to read how genuine somebodys intentions are or how
real they are being is not always easy. Its a skill you have to
devolope over time, reading body language, studying the eyes and the
correlational between them and what they can tell you about a person
are KEY in reading someone. The reson I brought this up is because
this skill could help you out a lot in life, collapse or not. Imagine
being able to read someone so well, that you could tell before
purchasing an item for sale that is was a rip off, or that it dident
work right, or being able to tell a persons real intentions before
they ever open there mouth. I see this as a valuable skill, would you

Hi Brian, I agree 100%. I was just finishing an article on modern survival skills and it touched some of the bases you mention.
Sometimes its about reading people as you say, understanding their intentions. This can be just a matter of daily life, a serious personal financial problem, your own personal SHTF event, or it can be a matter of life and death.
Relating to what I know well on a personal level, I can tell you that failing to properly judge the people around you and not keeping your mouth shut about things such as real estate or car sales, recent business tips on you having large amounts of cash at hand, even just mentioning how cool and big your gun collection is and letting that fall on the wrong ears, those are mistakes people have paid with their lives. I know of many such cases, people that sold a house, that mentioned a coming trip to USA or Europe (you must have cash ready at home for that). There was this guy that got kidnapped because of a boat he recently sold and there’s been many cases of business partners kidnaping or stealing from one another, in some cases killing each other so as to not get caught.
On a still serious but less dramatic level, a business partner with poor ethics can be your financial ruin, which isn’t exactly a walk in the park either.
It takes time and practice, but as you say it’s a valuable skill to develop. I tend to be pretty distrustful as well in general, and only after getting to know the person better do I form and opinion.
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