Thursday, August 2, 2012

Workplace Shooter Defense Video‏

Salut FerFAL-

Thought you and your readers would be interested in a video produced by the Houston Office of Public Safety on immediate action responses to a workplace shooter-

keep up the good work-
Thanks D for the link. Of course people, this video doesnt contain the part about being prepared correctly for the "fight" alternative. That means having a weapon in the first place, firearm, knife or some other weapon given your situation and whats legal to you, carrying it all the time and being proficient with it.


JbrG said...

The message of this video is terrific, you really are a siting duck waiting for the hunter, that is all you can do, even though they say run, hide, fight. Use a fire extinguisher and a chair against a mad and determined man who is heavily armed with a large caliber rifle??? It is not going to be a fight, rather a massacre...

I expected to see a brave, and prepared women(!) or man who pulls out an already chambered Glock from its sheath, and eliminate the bad guy.

They should advertise that you always, ALWAYS carry your legal firearm, instead of this improvised weapon bunk

Anonymous said...

I’m glad that active shooter scenarios are no longer being dismissed as improbable events unworthy of consideration. This is definitely a step in the right direction and an eye opener for the sheeply.


Anonymous said...

"They should advertise that you always, ALWAYS carry your legal firearm, instead of this improvised weapon bunk"

I totally agree but, it's not always possible to have your legal firearm on you. A perfect example, your average U.S. military base prohibits you from carrying. An improvised weapon is better than nothing and, I bet a lot of people never think to use whatever is at hand.

In that sort of situation, being aware of what you do have at your disposal, and figuring out how you will respond, is very vital in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

This former Navy SEAL has some pretty good advice about surviving mass shootings. One big point, carry a super bright 200+ lumen flashlight. You can even carry that on a plane.