Friday, January 25, 2013

The Modern Survivalist Youtube Channel

OK People,
I just finished organizing my youtube channel. There’s 245 uploaded videos, most of which are actually good if I may say so myself :-) , but it was all mixed up and it was hard to find videos on specific topics. Now, the main page has the videos organized in Categories making it easier to find what you want. Check it out and subscribe! Here's the LINK


Alex D said...
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exit said...

looks good!

libertyguy said...

Damn FerFal,

You are blowing up man! :)

Channel looks great, and I think it's a very good idea and needed.

libertyguy said...

Hey Ferfal,

I have another comment. I just watched your video "10 Survival Tips That will Keep You Alive! (extended version)".

I really enjoyed it. You had me laughing at some parts. I had tears in my eyes when you said on the Internet you can be anyone you want, but that's not real life. LOL so true.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about your pronunciation of one word when you said "holier than thou" which reminds me of my friend from Argentina. Your English is fantastic, but that was one minor slip ;) The word 'thou' is said like 'owww' sounding like 'ouch' not like 'dough' rhyming with throw. I know, English is screwed up.

Take care

P.S. when you pulled out that knife, man that was good :) I think the video channel might blow up. You keep it real and that shows.

FerFAL said...

Thanks guys!
Thanks for the tip libertyguy, yes its a pretty intimidaitng folder, cuts nasty too with that recurved blade and narrow tip-

Anonymous said...

I am having problems hearing you well. Perhaps you could get a better microphone or drop the tenor of your voice for this. Just a suggestion.

Other than that, been reading your blog for about as long as it's been up; that says all that needs saying as I don't waste my time with anything but the best.