Friday, April 12, 2013

Gun & Ammo Scare: Stock up on Common or Oddball Calibers?


Anonymous said...

I took your advice on the ammo last year and bought thousands of rounds for my 223, .40 and 22LR. In Kentucky, the local Walmart is out of ammo and still gets normal shipments but people are waiting in line to buy when the trucks arrive and they buy it all. This is the first time in some peoples lives that they cannot find ammunition, no doubt people are scared and hoarding which is causing the shortage. All ammunition can still be bought here online but you will pay up to five times more than I paid last summer, When the dust settles from all of this, I suspect we will see prices remain somewhat higher. I read your book and gave a copy to my family members but so far they have not read it, I guess you can lead them to water but you cannot make them drink.

Anonymous said...

yes and no.
stock up on 'common' for barter.
stock up on 'oddball' for use.
for example: i bought lots of .22LR
last year for trading purposes. that
has worked out well in the US. then,
i bought enough .40SW for personal
use. 40SW is still available while .22LR is scarce.

Anonymous said...


If things get really bad......
How are you going to fix a firearm if it needs fixin'?
Buy two fireamrs of same caliber.

If buying ammo, buy two boxes and shoot one, I learned from 2008 2009.

Ferfal, your book is well worth it. I've been using it for sometime and have plenty of supplies, little short on medicines and long term food but good on the rest.

If it happens to ammo, it can happen to everything.