Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Secret World Of Gold

Very interesting documentary about gold, highly recommended!


Anonymous said...

In spite of the big-bad-gold silliness, as if the dollar or any other kind of money hadn't enabled predatory, bloody wars, and in spite of the error stating that Americans were paid $35 per ounce of their gold, when they were paid less than $21 per ounce, just to be defrauded of almost half of their wealth when FDR changed the exchange rate to $35 per ounce, it wasn't bad.

Especially in the last two segments for mentioning the blatant manipulation of precious metals markets with the conniving complacency of governments, the fractional nature of paper-gold and the hidden depletion of sovereign gold reserves worldwide.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

FerFal youmay enjoy and want to share this with your readers.

Jack Schitte

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ferfal, forgot to post website


Bitcoins in Argentina.

Jack Schitte

Emmanuel said...


Alas the link to the video does nto work anymore. Is there another youtube address for it please ?