Friday, October 18, 2013

Survival Food: Cooking with your food supplies, Lentil Stew!

A simple stew using lentils, rice, canned tomato and vegetables, some frozen pork, a bit of oil and white pepper.
Lentils are a great source of protein, they have twice the amount found in wheat. Lentils go very well with rice, also tomato sauce and potatoes. Basically you can throw in there any scrap meat or leftover you may have. Lentils cook pretty much the same as rice and they dont require soaking before cooking.


cryingfreeman said...

So the next time I'm at your hourse for dinner, can I have some of this please?

Jose Garcia said...

Cooking and making the most of left overs is a serious survival prep. I this morning I carving pumpkins and roasted the left over seeds. The kids loved them. Since the oven was hot already I went ahead and made some kale chips too.

Lentils are my favorite legumes, quick to cook and full of nutrition. Cooked with ham hock bone they go great too.

Glad to see you post CFM. I may also go by Gallo at another forum.