Monday, December 9, 2013

“Surviving the Economic Collapse” is selling in Amazon for $11.01

“The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving theEconomic Collapse” is selling in Amazon for $11.01 (56% discount from $24.95) at least while the offer lasts. Amazon bought a bulk order of my books and got the price down for their Holidays Deal. Since I didn’t actually change the price and it’s an Amazon’s offer, I have no idea how long they will keep this up but for you guys that want a copy for yourselves or for giving away the discount is pretty good.

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Unknown said...

Thank you sir. I contacted you last year this time and never got around to ordering. But thanks to your post....10 books on the way. Can't wait to hand them out. Time to wake some friends and family up to what is about to take place here in the U.S.