Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bugging Out of USA: Uruguay & Ireland


Don Williams said...

1) I think one needs to look at objective data -- numbers such as population density, acres of fertile farmland per capita, water resources, income per capita, relative military power versus likely threats, national debt, etc. Aside from debt, the USA stacks up fairly well.

2) Europe has very dense population compared to the American continents -- I suspect that overcrowding has been a cause of the murderous wars Europe has endured whereas North and South America have largely escaped such disasters.

3) I myself think islands like Britain and Ireland can become traps -- if the Battle of Britain had been lost in WWII, Britain would have been open to invasion by Germany. While Churchill and the royal family would have escaped over the North Atlantic Air Ferry Route to Canada and the USA, the average British citizen would have been screwed.


4) One back door from Ireland would be a sailboat following the trade winds down the coast of Africa to the Caribbean.

Don Williams said...

Hmmm. Actually, one of the destination airfields on the North Atlantic Air Ferry Route was
at Nutts Corner about ten miles west of Belfast (intersection of A52 and A26). Google maps
satellite view shows the old landing strip is still there. So maybe you should buy a surplus
Vickers Wellesley and keep it at hand, Fernando -- just in case.