Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Argentina’s Vice President in Deep, Deep Trouble

Scandals and accusations of corruption are piling up against Amado Boudou, vice president of Argentina.
He lied to the judge about his wealth, he lied about who’s renting his property, he presented documents with forged signatures and he was basically caught red handed trying to set up a company to literally print the country’s currency himself. All “Mr.” Amado Boudou is missing is the burglar Halloween costume, with black and white stripes and a face mask. 
You mean the vicepresident is not supposed to print money?

As if fighting the Vulture funds isn’t bad enough with Argentina being less than 30 days away from default yet again, now the vice president has little choice but to either step aside or drag the ship wreck that the Argentine presidency has become into to the bottom of the ocean with him.

Argentina’s Vice President Charged in Corruption Case

BUENOS AIRES — Vice President Amado Boudou of Argentina has been charged in a corruption case in which he is accused of abusing his power to gain control of a company that has printed the nation’s currency, a development that has shaken the government here.
On Friday, Mr. Boudou was charged with receiving bribes and conducting business incompatible with public office. If convicted, Mr. Boudou could face up to six years in prison. (continue reading)


Anonymous said...

ooh... could face up to six years in prison!

the ability to drag a country to it's death and suffer all the citizens and that is all the punishment is?

if we had real punishments like the death penalty for these politicians across the world then maybe they would take their oaths more seriously.

Anonymous said...

He should have read the book, " The Creature from Jekyll Island: A second Look at the Federal Reserve" and he would have learned to take over the control of money supply without any problems.