Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Documentary: Economic Collapse, Bartering and Bugging Out Abroad

Saw this short documentary about your country's current status and I thought you may find it interesting.
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Thanks Andrew,
Damn, my eyes watered up there for a second in the beginning when the woman says she wants to leave because there’s no future in Argentina for her children. That hit close to home.
 Your kids are the reason why you end up leaving, the possibility of a better life for them without fear, crime and constant financial meltdowns. The documentary isn’t current though, its from the first year or two after the economic collapse. The footage of the Spanish embassy, it reminded me of the time I got my kids their passports there, so many people waiting in line trying to find out if they could somehow claim Spanish citizenship through a relative. Back in those days getting European citizenship was like winning the lottery. Everyone was leaving, looking for a better future and one of the worst things was ending up an undocumented illegal immigrant. Citizenship changed all that for those fortunate enough to have a relative and eventually get citizenship.
The part about Barter Clubs is also very good.  People bartering for food, hair cuts, even for holiday trips. Its interesting because it shows how that actually works out on a large scale in reality. Notice that while better than nothing, the people in these Barter Clubs are pretty poor, very desperate and bartering alone doesn’t get you much of a quality of life.
Very good documentary well worth the short duration, thanks!


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