Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferguson Riots: 5 Tips to Prepare for Rioting and Protests


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Don Williams said...

1) As Fernando mentioned, you have to watch out for arson. If your neighborhood is blocks of wooden townhouses close to each other then arson is a bigger concern than it is in a suburb of half acre lots.
2) If you do bug out, it seems to me that doing so around 1 hour before sunrise in the morning --when the rioters and crooks are likely asleep -- is the best time.
Plus water often provides a safer route than land. There is a billionaire survivalist with a place in the wealthy Honolulu neighborhood of Kahala who keeps a long distance jet at the Honolulu airport. His estate is on the beach and I've wondered if that is because a Boston Whaler could land on the beach in early dawn and haul him off to the airport (about 8 miles to the west) if rioting did break out. Of course, Oahu has massive US military installations and the 4th largest concentration of military personnel in the USA. (Two other places being Norfolk Virginia and Washington DC.)

3) Finally, it is important to realize that the authorities may open fire on rioters and you may get caught in the crossfire. Taking the approach of an infantry soldier --staying behind solid cover that will stop bullets (e.g, engine blocks of cars) and staying low to the ground -- may be necessary.
4) Alex Jones , at his site, has some interesting US Army manuals re how they will deal with violent riots:

5) Some notes:
a) They take a lot of photographs at riots to identify insurgents to be picked up later. You don't want to be on that list.
b) They post snipers groups on both flanks to protect the soldiers on the ground in riot gear. And the snipers use automatic assault rifes with large magazines, not "one shot one kill" bolt action rifles.
c) Their assault teams are covered with Class IIIA body armor and try to grab leaders/the more dangerous rioters.
d) They conceal their assets and reserve units from the rioters unless the commander decides to strike.
e) Riot sticks/batons can be deadly weapons if the Army decides to use them that way -- a manual shows which parts of the body to hit to hurt but not harm , to hurt and harm and where to hit to severely injure or kill.
f) The unclassified manual argues for strong restraint in the use of force --unless force is necessary.

However, the FBI and other agencies always have infiltrators/informers/snitchs within rebellious groups like Occupy. It is easy to have such secret agents stage acts of violence before the news media that justify a strong crackdown. What you see in a riot is only part of what is going on.