Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vehicle Emergency Kit Saves the Day… Again

I’ve changed tires, used signaling triangles and vests before when having car problems like I suppose most of us have done before.
I’ve used the first aid kit in the car to patch up my oldest son’s hand not that long ago when doing outdoors activities. I’ve also used the water kept in my car before several times, both for drinking and refilling a friend’s car radiator (not ideal, but better than nothing).
Yesterday we were at a restaurant with my parents and I took my youngest son to the bathroom. Juggling with my son, the toilet, the paper and trying to keep him from touching anything while taking him to the toilet I ended up holding him in a weird position. It was only after he was done that I noticed that part of his pants had stayed up too high and he ended up with peed pants and underwear. What to do?
I quickly carried him to the parking lot, used the back of the SUV as an improvised dressing room. We keep a spare set of clothes in our car for each family member. I cleaned up the little guy with some wipes, changes his underwear and jeans and we were back to the restaurant in minutes and enjoyed the rest of the day.
I learned to appreciate having a spare set of clothes during a shooting course that took place one stormy day. The class wasn’t canceled in spite of the pouring rain which made it all more interesting, but driving back home soaking wet was not fun.
You may get caught in rain, someone may spill coffee over you, a child may throw up over you, you might get sick yourself and need to change you underwear or full set of clothes. If caught in a disaster, there’s a good chance you may end up wet, dirty, bloody and with torn clothes. A clean set of clothes can be a big bonus in such a situation.

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