Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"The Farmer at War" and Texas floods

 Rhodesian Selous Scouts crossing a river
Wrapping up the topic of African farmers and how they tried to survived persecution and constant attacks, here’s the link to a book called “The Farmer at War”.
You may have read it but it’s worth checking out just in case. If you haven’t seen this before make sure you read it. Its excellent information based on the true accounts of what these people went through. Even though ultimately farmers were for the most part kicked out and replaced with people aligned to the ruling government, there are still lots of lessons to be learned.
Keep in mind though, the implicit and maybe most important lesson to be learned about surviving on your own when surrounded by enemies is the long list of victims at the end of the book. The wise man will know when a situation is hopeless and will have plans to bug out if or when needed.
On another topic, the floods in central and south Texas continue. Most of the fatal victims have died because they were either caught by the fast raising water or they drove into flooded roads. Don’t be a cowboy out there! Off-road truck or not, if you see a flooded road you turn around!
Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


Anonymous said...

You might enjoy Elspeth Huxley's books. Her family tried to eke out an existence and suffered thru the Depression in Africa. Her elderly mother tried to stay even after things got dicey with the native element but was forced to leave. Her book and movie Flame Trees of Thika are great for young and old. All her books give a view to what farmers went thru and also an effort to sustain the earth before the "Green Movement". The economic troubles they suffered were also eye opening: went to bed in debt and woke up owing twice as much due to gov't action. It can happen again. Thanks for your blog.

Don Williams said...

1) Wars require vast amounts of money. Hence, it is essential to follow the money. Regard the British multimillionaire, Nicholas Hoogstraten, who
has been funding Mugabe since the 1960s.


One money quote:
"This has all been stirred up by white disenfranchised trash who still think it's Rhodesia"

Second money quote:

"A millionaire by the time he was 20, Mr Hoogstraten first bought some parcels of land for £40,000 in 1963. On a visit to the then Southern Rhodesia he met Tiny Rowland of Lonhro. They agreed that it made sense to back the emerging black nationalist groups, with Rowland siding with Joshua Nkomo and Mr Hoogstraten backing Mr Mugabe. Accurately he predicted that Mr Mugabe would come out on top as the leader of the biggest tribe, but like a canny businessman he did a bit of betting on both sides. "

2) This news article gives a more detailed description of what a psychopathic scumbag Hoogstraten is:

Don Williams said...

3) Re the terrorists other financier, Tiny Rowland, head of the London and Rhodesian
Mining Company (Lonrho):


4) The millionaires' prostitutes in Britain's Foreign Office shared their contempt for white Rhodesians:

"The Foreign Office particularly mismanaged Rhodesia. Its attitude was tainted with
cultural condescension. (Even now, in the obits, much is made of Smith's nasal twang, and the sniffy aside that his father was 'a butcher'. The Washington Post more accurately described Smith's father as 'a farmer and a businessman who bred
champion racehorses'.) Foreign Office mandarins dismissed white Rhodesians as
lower middle class, no more than provincial clerks and artisans, the lowly NCOs of empire."


In reality , many Rhodesian farmers were veterans of Britains WWII army who had been
paid by London to emigrate because of the lack of jobs in England for young men after the war. Later rewarded for their wartime combat service by being stabbed in the back.

5) The Selous Scouts endured incredible hardships for years in the bush -- tracking and fighting the terrorists. They would have been a 1000 times more effective if they had instead sent a five man team on a luxurious vacation in Britain as cover for pumping a few bullets into the terrorists' paymasters.