Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cold Steel Voyager Tanto: Recommended! Tough, Great Value Folder.

 Cold Steel 29TLTH Voyager Lg Tanto

(or get the plain edge version )


Anonymous said...

Cold steel built great weapons ten years ago. But the Indian import, soft, poorly made, low carbon steel + plastic, grossly overpriced crap they have been selling for the last several years is in no way worth the money they want for it. I have seen 4 cold steel blades break and two bend at right angles in the last year. They no longer use 1095 steel in anything they make. They use 1065 AT BEST (and 1045 low carbon for most blades) and are now no better than anything from "Windless Steelcraft". Greed has sent them from one of the best importers to one of the worst. (backed by endless false BS advertising)

Anonymous said...

That complaint about blade steel is hardly relevant to the folders; those tend to be stainless steels. It's certainly possible quality has declined correspondingly across the board, though; I haven't bought any of their stuff for years.

Their old so-called 'VG-1' in my beloved Scimitar was notably inferior to VG-10 from other manufacturers, but the knife itself was a tank. After that they mostly went to AUS-8A and I lost interest, but the latest iterations are in CTS-BD1 and more interestingly CTS-XHP, which I do plan to try out.

Anonymous said...

DEfinitely agree about the value and stength of Cold Steel knives in general, and the particulary the lock back mechanism.
I'm just writing this to say that I found several of them on ebay for about ten dollars less than on amazon. Worth a look.

Thanks for the great blog!