Friday, November 25, 2016

The Best Amazon Black Friday Deals for Survivalists

This is the time of the year I really envy you guys (most of these deals are US only). Some of the deals are outstanding, more than 50% discount in some cases. If there’s anything you’re needing to buy its worth checking. Keep in mind that most have a limited duration.
Just a steal. Period. I have one, love it and recommend it. Under 20 bucks and notice the fantastic rating with +1000 reviews. Stocking stuffer, for BOB and kits or as your EDC.

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Anonymous said...

Bought a CRKT Sweet K.I.S.S. for $15 at a local Academy last Friday - awesome neck knife with tactical uses as well. About half normal price. Crowd was large, but not unruly - I waited until afternoon so 'high energy motivated' were already calm and sleepy, lol.

Kershaws are nice, especially for the money.