Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump Supporter Survival Guide 101

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The election is over but the implications are still very much alive. You just have to watch the news for a few minutes to see protests, violence, people randomly attacked and so on.
Folks, this isnt a political website. As I’ve always said vote anyway you think you should (and that’s exactly what millions did) but if one thing is clear is that the lack of tolerance has reach record levels and on one hand you have people that can’t seem to process that they’ve lost, just like some can’t grasp the concept of finally getting what they wanted and be content with it. This website is about practical, objective advice. If you can’t stop yourself from wearing your Trump or Anti Trump, or Hillary for Prison t-shirt then that’s fine too, but know that from a practical perspective, it’s not exactly advisable at the moment.
Having said all this, here’s my advice.
- Avoid logos, stickers, etc.
The election is over so there’s not much of a political battle to fight at the moment. These days, you risk getting into trouble for nothing really to be gained.
People have been beaten, insulted or otherwise aggravated because of wearing Trump shirts. I know of people that had their car vandalized, tyres slashed, all four, because of Trump stickers. Recently a car was set on fire over a Trump sticker.
Mustang vandalized, set on fire in Santa Maria
Given that the elections are already over and in the spirit of going as unnoticed as possible, I at least would avoid it. For those of you very political at least hold until next elections.
-  Avoid politics at your workplace.
People have gotten themselves in trouble at work for expressing their political views, even fired. Now, it sucks not to be able to express your views, but then again with freedom comes responsibility and that includes knowing whats in your best interest or not.  If anything, try being as discrete as possible when discussing politics. Even if your boss and immediate colleges mostly think alike, you never know who’s overhearing and who takes note of your views with a negative connotation making life harder at your workplace.
- Avoid protests and rallies.
At the end of the day, what matter is your vote and that has already been cast. If people want to protest/express their discontent that’s all fine and dandy, until the protest stops begin peaceful that is, which is not ok (but more on that later). Confronting them though makes no sense, does you no good other than scratching some childish itch some people have.
- Learn how to deal with roadblocks.

Everyone has the right to peaceful protest but there’s nothing peaceful about stopping traffic and keeping people hostage in their vehicle. Remember the basics. Avoid protests when possible. Do NOT engage. Do NOT lower your window to talk politics with the violent thug attacking you, keep moving away from the potentially dangerous ambush.
-  Don’t let politics destroy your family.
I’ve addressed this topic before and I’ve seen the same thing happen in my own country. The division, the rift between opposite opinions. The fatal mistake of believing that a political adversary is an enemy. Trump himself has talked about “unity” and “heal the division” in his victory speech. But if there’s one thing both Trump and Hillary hardcore supporters agree on, ironically enough, is that they want none of that. I know for a fact such a thing is a big mistake, especially when politics end up affecting your relationships with family and friends. An extra dose of maturity and empathy can work miracles.
-  Stay informed.

Matt Bracken was interviewed recently. I have a ton of respect for Matt and his opinions. There’s talks about possible false flag ops (entirely possible in the near future) and there’s strong evidence about many protesters being paid to participate, herded into buses like we see so often in South America. I understand how some people may not like Trump and chose to express such opinions. I also understand having thousands of paid violent “protesters” making a mess. This kind of organized resistance to the democratic process is pretty risky and its important to stay informed, fully understanding the interest and political inclinations of each player and media outlet.
- Keep Preparing.
With a Republican president and majority on both houses gun owners can sure relax. Chances of any kind of gun ban are slim to say the least and fingers crossed, maybe some new opportunities may arise for those living in more restrictive cities and states regarding concealed carry and what kind of firearms can be owned.
Still, firearms ownership is just a small part of the equation. Today more than ever its important to be ready to face challenges. Socially speaking expect protests and random or organized acts of violence and rioting to become more common, not the other way around. The supplies kept in your vehicle are key, especially your first aid kit.  Shameless self-promoting here, if you haven’t done so already do get my book, “The Modern Survival Manual”, and put into practice as much as you can right away. Everything from awareness, grey man philosophy, self-defense and economic preps its all very much relevant and applicable. This website is packed full of information as well, read through the older articles.With a new president there’s always a “honeymoon” period of about 3-6 months. After that things settle and the political and economic future becomes more clear. Some measures taken by Trump may be less popular than others. Mistakes will be made in the learning process, especially in his first presidency. Economic measures that may have benefits in the long run may be less popular at first, even have the opposite effect, just like positive short term ones may not work that great down the road. And then there’s the fact that almost half the country isn’t happy with the way things went, and will try to sabotage Trump every chance they get.
Good luck people!
Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


B said...

Sadly, it is the Left which is practicing Intolerance....(The right seldom does, really, despite being accused of it by the press) The Left is the ones bashing people, and cars, and homes and such. The Left are the people who changed the rules when it was good to do so for them, now they want to change things again to make it harder for the Right.

The Left are like little children. The Right much more mature. If you look past the memes of the Press, you can see that.

Anonymous said...

Wrong B, wrong. This is what YOU asked for, YOU are responsible for the division in this country, YOU have to face the consequences of that. Whining won't help you now. Did you seriously believe you could practice intolerance, win, then just walk away from it? No, no, sorry. You're the enemy now, deal with it, face up to your decisions like a real man and stop blaming "the left" for the problems you created.

Anonymous said...

B you are So right! Only the non-brainwashed understand this. That's what is so sad! The media in this country believe we're to stupid to understand the truth so they figure they'll break it down for us, and that they'll spoon feed us what they want us to believe! Slowly we become so brainwashed that we'll believe anything! Unless your actively pursuing other sources of news you will never know the truth of just what's happening in reality!

Anonymous said...

This article has sound advice. Most of the prepper advice is to avoid crowds, stay alert to your surroundings at all times, take evasive action first to avoid conflict, have pre-planned escape routes planned, keep a bug out bag in your vehicle and a half tank of gas at all times. Always be prepared for unrest regardless of what or who may instigate it. No where will you find prepper advice that advocates engaging in civil unrest unless defensive or bringing unwanted attention to you or your family by thugs or law enforcement.