Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Reply: A few thoughts about today’s Terrorist attack in London

Hi FerFAL, thanks for the great advice. I am a regular visitor to your site. Regarding point number 6, I don’t think it is fair to say that when terrorist attacks occur there’s always a “religion of peace” representative involved. Just look at the recent terrorist acts carried out by Anders Breivik in Norway or Thomas Mair in the UK. Extremists of all persuasions are a threat to us all and so we always have to be on guard. Also, I am from the UK and I know from experience that the majority of Muslims abhor such acts carried out in the name of their religion and would inform the authorities immediately if they were able to prevent a terrorist act and bring terrorists to justice. We even have a Muslim mayor in London doing so right now. The mainstream media may portray a particular group as our enemy when in actual fact they may be people we should work with for the greater good. Terrorists have no religion or morals as far as I am concerned and represent no one but themselves. I think that as survivalists we should always think outside the box in these matters
Hello Ssmith, thanks for your comment.
You’re right. As survivalists we should look at potential threats objectively even if there are certain red flags to look for. And its true we’ve seen mass shootings or terror attacks by people of all religions and extreme political views.

In the case of Muslims you are right about the great majority of them not being evil, terrorists, etc. They do hold I must say, certain values that are essentially different compared to western ones. I do my best not to judge, especially since as an immigrant myself I’ve been in that place before and do not appreciate it. The differences though, they are real.  I’m not going by what the mainstream media is telling me, I’m saying this based on numerous personal, first hand observations. In general, and even for the young, more open minded Muslims, their treatment of women is just deplorable. Even in the hottest days of summer when walking along the beach women aren’t allowed to uncover their heads, their arms and legs are covered down to their hands and feet, including ankles and wrists. All while their husbands or boyfriends walk right next to them shamelessly staring at topless or bikini wearing women. Even the younger, more westernized Muslims treat women like scum. Their idea of being “romantic” is treating women like animals, controlling them as if they had no rights as a person, telling them how they can or cannot dress and who they can go out with. Even hitting women is pretty much accepted, or at the very least being physical and roughing them up a bit if they don’t do as they are told.  Again, things I’ve seen myself, nothing more, nothing less. This is just the complete opposite from the culture I was brought up in, where treating women like this isn’t just illegal, it’s the kind of thing that probably gets you beaten up pretty bad too.

I’m sure there are people that aren’t like that, and I at least measure people individually, no matter their skin color, religion, even their politics, but those have been my observations so far.
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Justin C said...

The problem with the word "extremist" is that it has been turned from an adjective that describes something, into a noun. Words like Muslim, or Catholic have been turned from nouns into adjectives. This is the point that the media wishes that we'd miss.

To be extreme is only to be something to the fullest 100%. If you are fully human, or advocate for humanity you should by definition be considered a human extremist. That is not a bad thing. Likewise, Pope Francis and Saint Mother Theresa are Catholics to the fullest degree and be considered Catholic extremists. Catholic being the noun, extremists being the adjective.

Now when we get to Islam. their extremists are not like our extremists so you are lead to the conclusion that being an extremist isn't important. It's what you are being an extremist about. Otherwise, would we allow someone who describes them selves as a moderate Nazi to run for office? Why then do we allow "moderate" muslims to live amongst us in society?

I have a feeling the commentator that posted to you was a muslim troll.

Anonymous said...

You can be as open minded as you want but when, here in the States, you see your first Moslem woman wearing a black burka, you think...primitives. Thank God the U.S. Has dragged its feet on letting them in in huge numbers.