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Venezuela: The Socialist Utopia turned hellhole

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Saw this short 8minute documentary on socialist utopia Venezuela.
Think this is a must see for anyone who thinks socialism is the

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Venezuela is a mess. Caracas is the murder capital of the world. That people end up starving to death in a large, oil-rich country packed full of fertile land in a tropical climate speaks volumes of the disaster caused by dictators Chavez and Maduro. With such outstanding natural resources the people of Venezuela shouldn’t be starving, they should be thriving beyond their wildest dreams.
Infowars talks about socialism but that’s not it. (and no, I’m no socialist, I believe in having a small, efficient government, which should mix as little as possible with the private sector)
Cristina Kirchner also managed to finish the job started by her husband in their lefty utopia, bringing a large, low population and resource packed country to its knees. Her motto was “national and popular” and with that BS she bankrupted the country. Even worse than that and not being satisfied with stealing alone, she destroyed our once strong education system, which was admired by our neighbouring countries not that long ago. Without education, a country has no future, and when an entire generation grows up having no pride in their education, no respect for work, then you need to double the effort to fix it, and you will only do that when a new generation grows up with a different set of core values.  This is like someone breaking into your home and not only stealing all your stuff, but burning it down right before leaving with all your belongings. They don’t gain anything from it, they are just evil.

But what Cristina Kirchner, Chavez and Maduro, or even right wing or conservatives like Carlos Menem or Alberto Fujimori all have in common isn’t socialism. It’s corruption. Nordic countries tend to lean heavily towards socialism, and as much as some of us may not appreciate the way in which such politics interfere with freedom and personal liberties I must admit that Venezuela and Norway stand perfectly in opposite ends of the quality of life spectrum. One can argue that Venezuela is more of an authoritarian regime indifferently of any specific political model and that Nordic countries follow a social democratic model that focuses more on having a large safety net and ensuring basic rights, yet allowing capital to develop. Still, analysing different forms of government in different parts of the world and different periods of time what I always go back to as a common denominator for social disaster is the same: It’s corruption. They can claim to be left or right, liberal or conservative, but if they are corrupt they will only bring misery to the people they represent.  Societies should learn to have zero tolerance when it comes to it.

As for survival in a place like Venezuela, it’s in many ways similar to what I’ve written about for years regarding survival in Argentina. Argentina, Venezuela, Ex Soviet Union, all countries that go down and experience a socioeconomic collapse have numerous similarities and most of the tactics and strategies to get by are the same. But when a country falls as bad as Venezuela they reach rock bottom and the only viable strategy is to leave as soon as you can.  it’s like surviving 100 feet under the sea. There’s no life in such a place, you just get the hell out of there as soon as possible.
Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


Anonymous said...

I agree. One thing most "failed" countries have in common is endemic corruption. All of Africa, India, Mexico, Russia, some of South America and most of Central America have a few things in common: Good Resources, and the ability to exploit them, but a level of corruption that makes it impossible for the country to function internally or internationally. The corruption can be financial, moral or political (or all three).

Anonymous said...

Corruption is everywhere, even in the northern progressive hemisphere. But you are completely wrong about Fujimori. He did exactly the opposite of what Chavez did. The scandals about him were not about his corruption, but about blackmail tapes the intelligence officials used, and that he wanted a 3rd term. Also, some controversy about the way he got rid of terrorists, but there was simply no other way. Some suffered but those people would have suffered, along with the nation, even more if the terrorism situation wouldn't have been solved.

Here is what he did:

-Got rid of really, really bad terrorists. Had the leftist retard novelist winner been elected, Peru would have today Colombia's FARC level of terrorism.
-Got rid of hyperinflation. The currency established in his term remains very stable today.
-This, in turn, made Peru stable enough to bring in foreign investments, which is, combined with the above, the reason Peru is not a shithole today.

Other facts:
-Mainstream media hates Fujimori.
-Peru is a retard leftist loving country, that won't recognize the 180 turn he did, for the better.
-What stability and growth we have is traced to his measures.
-Current president is a leftist braindead. Is attempting to undo whatever good we have. I don't see my country undergoing rightwing policy changes anytime in the short or long term future.
-Historically, Peru has had periods of really bad economy, and a few periods of richness. Every period of richness is attributed to specific exportation goods, during which Peru just wastes the riches, like importing air from another country (seriously). Nowadays, some autonomy is given to regions and they just waste it on golden statues.
-Muslims have a foothold on the northern part of the country, where the crime rate is high and controlled by mafias. Our current president does not and wont solve it, because that is what leftist retards always do: Welcome diversity at the price of stability, and nurturing future terrorists.
-Thus, right now Peru is on an economic 'high' thanks to Fujimori's measures that allowed foreign investments. That high though is going to decline, and Peru will be another Leftist Dystopia. Peruvians lack brains so they won't do anything. Peruvians have always been good slaves.

TL;Dr: Peru was an Argentina (hyperinflation) PLUS Colombia (terrorist) shithole, and Fujimori turned it around. I rather he let his intelligence officials tape some corrupt guys and attempt a third term than let my country be another failed Latin America nation. Not that it won't matter in the long term, because the world's trend is towards a leftist dystopia (in the surface, since we are actually extremely monitored and influenced on a mass scale), and Peru has zero say in that.

dc.sunsets said...

If you've not seen it, there's a blog that discusses a lot of this pretty well here:

Also pertinent to your discussions about Muslims and their suitability for residence among non-Muslims:

Genetic science is in the process of revealing just how profoundly are our beliefs and actions governed by genes we inherit from our ancestors, and how profoundly different are people in these regards whose ancestors spent much of the last 1000 years in different places under very different conditions.

The notion that all humans are basically identical is a complete and total lie.