Thursday, April 12, 2018

Gulf Stream Shutdown making headlines around the world

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We’ve talked about this before. A shutdown or slowdown of the thermohaline circulation. I remember posting about it a few years ago and it is indeed serious business.
You can debate all day about why this is happening, what everyone agrees on is that it is indeed happening and the consequences are serious.  In a nutshell the sea currents on the north atlantic is slowing down… a lot. These current move heat around, keeping a temperature balance. Without it expect something as in cold places getting colder, hot areas getting hotter, floods, draughts, etc.  The film “The day after tomorrow” has been mentioned in various articles but scientists say its not quite like that, but bad enough non the less. It’s highly unlikely, but that does not mean the film is a complete fabrication. “The Day After Tomorrow is clearly a very extreme version,” Dr David Thornalley.
The warm Atlantic current linked to severe and abrupt changes in the climate in the past is now at its weakest in at least 1,600 years, new research shows. The findings, based on multiple lines of scientific evidence, throw into question previous predictions that a catastrophic collapse of the Gulf Stream would take centuries to occur.

Is the Gulf Stream about to collapse and is the new ice age coming sooner than scientists think?


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”


Anonymous said...

We know that global cooling in the 70's was a hoax. We know that Global Warming in the 90's was a hoax. Just because "everybody agrees" does not make it critical, or even true. Ten years ago the polar bears were going extinct and the polar ice caps were about to melt. "Everybody Agreed". Now they are not. But I should be worried about?????--Ray

MJX said...

No hoax, sad to write, but as Fernando points out just the beginning of the one of the effects of Climate Change our dependence upon fossil fuels to keep 7.5 billion people alive on this planet. The other changes according to Dr James Hansen, rising sea levels and more intense weather events.
Suppose the hoax is there are solutions to our predicament. Realize that almost all the food grow in the modern industrial world require inputs or support from fossil fuels.
So called "Alternatives" just supplement not replace oil, coal.
Thanks for the report. Another report is it is going to be sooner than later because of our exploitation of tar sands, shale gas and oil ....scraping the bottom or the barrel.

Anonymous said...

Global warming--er Hotcoldwetdry-er Climate Change, is the biggest hoax in history. AND: Before any of you babbling green apes start vomiting up the usual communist green religion. My tested IQ is over 140. I'm not the idiot here. There is no "peak oil" That is another green hoax. Basically everything you believe is wrong. Now go back to worshiping the earth mother. I hear if you put a foil hat on and sacrifice a cat to the earth mother she'll give the chairman of Exon Mobil the clap. It will be more effective than anything ALGORE and the green MAFIA has done. @ MJX you live in a sad fantasy world down in the basement.--Ray

Anonymous said...

Youtube link for alternate view to global warming: