Friday, April 20, 2018

Reply: 9mm cylinder for revolvers

In regard to your recent article about some of the advantages of revolvers it is worth mentioning that Ruger and other manufacturers have 9mm revolvers in their lineup. Most, if not all, 9mm revolvers utilize moon clips to hold the rounds. Moon clips are easier to use than speed loaders or speed strips. Nine millimeter ammunition is more commonly available than .38 special and there are dozens of different loads. Maybe the greatest advantage to a 9mm revolver is the ability to have ammunition commonality with those Glock 9mms you recommend. Revolvers in 9mm are worth considering.
Best regards, K in Texas

Thanks. Yes, that's a great point. Even better, with a 9mm cylinder you cover  9mm, and of course 38 special and 357 magnum.

9mm is cheap and the most likely handgun ammo to come across so it makes perfect sense for a SHTF gun.

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Anonymous said...

Good thought. Very common the world around and no magazines to worry about. I would select a flapped holster - revolvers are more suseptible to collecting dirt then semi-autos.

There was one (1) 9mm Para. revolver that can forgo the moon clips as well. The S&W 547 six shot revolver has an ejector that engaged the rims when pushed out. Manufactured in mid 80's for a short time, it was your basic heavy barrel model 10 in 9mm bore.

Just saying. Thank you for the post.