Monday, February 4, 2019

The great Bug Out Rifle…( you probably never heard of)


taminator013 said...

Pretty interesting little rifle. You called it a Model 32. Are you sure that it's not a Model 72?

I need to find one of those. I've been a big fan of the .22 magnum for over 40 years........

Anonymous said...

A pump action .22 Magnum trapper length carbine - that does sound like a winner. I never had the opportunity to buy one of those, but stupidly passed on buying its blued standard length brother the model 59 rifle.

Still kicking myself even years later - its beginning to leave a mark !

The .22 Magnum is a good cartridge but the cost of purchasing a large block of ammunition for it now is price prohibitive. I remember purchasing .22 magnum for $5 a box of 50 and thought that was high. Now I look back and wish I had bought more. Its a good cartridge for hunting 'big-small game' like turkey and javelina. Reputedly a favorite deer poacher's round because of lack of report.