Friday, February 15, 2019

Top 5 Modern Survival Goals to Achieve


Anonymous said...

Jumping weighted rope > elliptical training.

Anonymous said...

That was a great video! I'm 60 and glad you placed being fit as number one.
Four years ago was out of shape and gained a lot of weight. Decided enough was enough, and started to exercise and walk. Didn't really do it with just walking. In my late 20s back in the 1980s was a jogger and reread the book Complete book of Running by Jim Fixx and slowly built up my cardio. It was very slow and difficult...took a year's time to get to the point of running a half marathon 13.1 miles. Kept at it, went down to my high school weight of 180, 6 feet tall and just did another half marathon last Sunday...2 hours 15 minutes...not fast but fast enough!
I feel great and almost as good as back in the 1980s!
Guys I know can think up of all kinds of reasons not to get in shape...thanks for giving options in your video...yes it does require time....but we can do it while like you said, watching a tablet...
If you are not in shape....that's a BIG handicap in an crisis....
For me, entering in organized runs is a motivator...gonna do one every 6 months.
I complete against myself friends and colleagues workers ask..."Did you win?" And lose interest when I reply "No, but I'm doing it for that".
We are brainwashed in coming less than first place is meaningless.
Thanks for the other are giving advice that will save many people.