Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Criminal Mastermind: Luis “Fat” Valor.

The legendary criminal was arrested in Buenos Aires a couple days ago, after a car chase and some intense gunfighting, followed by a car crash where he got injured.

This man has been in and out of prison his entire live, even escaped once disguised as a doctor, tieing sheets to forma rope, then jumping a wall and running, this was caught on video.

“Fat” Valor’s supergang does it all. He robbed over 30 Cash in Transit armored trucks. (his specialty) and it’s impossible to tell how many banks he robbed directly or indirectly, though recently he’s been specializing in “commando” type robberies to high end mansions and houses in private gated communities.

Alamo Alto Country: One of "El Gordo" Valor targets

His gang has 20 stable thieves and another 60 used randomly for different “jobs”.

Recently they found one of his (many) safe houses: Radios and other communication gear, cell phones, body armor, police uniforms, 2500 rounds of ammo, over 60 guns including a very nice FAL Para, several shotguns, some sawed off, scoped bolt action rifles for long range shots, handguns and SMGs, I saw a few of both (pistols and SMGs) with sound suppressors.

Behind bars or not, Luis “El Gordo”(Fat) Valor will always be a threat to society.

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Don Williams said...

Mel Tappan noted that retreating to the rural countryside is not a total solution. That even in a small town of 5000 people there would still be some sociopaths.

But he noted that they would not number more than the number of rounds in a Colt 45 ACP magazine.