Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Politicians and finances: Learning to read between the lies, I mean, lines.

Remember a few months ago I mentioned the problem we had here with lack of coins?

Mostly the bus companies (buses use coins here) where stocking them up, sucking them out of the market, and reselling them at a 10% profit to the same passengers.
Well, a tinfoil hat nut such as myself might have thought there’s a reason why this is allowed to be done in the first place.
Oh, ever the conspiracy theorist!

Today we learned the wonderful news that the government found a solution to this … “problem” … manufacturing a excess of 480 million units so there’s coins everywhere (they did say if they were 1 buck or 10 cents).
Man! It’s just so nice to fix … “problems”… including financial problems, by just printing and stamping out more and more coins.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just fix problems the same way? Scanning 100 USD bills and printing a pile of them… oh right, it would have much vale if we all did that, would it?
But hey, its ok for the authorities to do that when they need a few more bucks.

It's not as if doing that would cause even more inflation. OK, maybe just a bit more, but who's counting? :-)

They also raised driving tickets and fines 100%… for our own safety.
A tricky mind would suspect that they are doing so to suck out money from the population in every possible way, but its not nice to think that way, is it?



Anonymous said...

Here in the US, they have every single available cop on the beat, trapping "speeders" and issuing them $300 tickets. They can now stop somebody and fine them $132 for not wearing a seat belt here in California. They are putting up zillions of cameras that trap people who turn right on a red light (long an accepted, if not 100% legal, practice) and fining them as much as $500 for "running a red light".

In Nevada, the cops are zealously enforcing window tinting laws, pulling over everybody with tinted windows and using a handheld computer to measure the amount of light the tinting lets through, with the goal of collecting more fines. They are raising our income tax rates to a total 57% with federal, state, and local combined here.

The government here is desperate for more revenue. They've all but forced out private enterprise with incessant demands for money. So far, we haven't had electricity surcharges, probably because they know that people will simply buy solar panels. But all other fines are going up, and they are zealously enforcing traffic laws while letting prisoners go free for lack of funds.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know I read you daily (when you don't write it I feel like I have missed part of my routine) and have found wisdom in your words. Keep up the great work!

Anon from Virginia, USA

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Right hand turns at a red-light are 100% legal unless specifically marked.

Also, I've never heard of a $300 ticket. The most I've ever seen was $115, when I was caught doing 100mph in a 70mph zone.

I'd like to see sources for your claims.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:26, Come to Florida and I'll show you my ticket, I just got a $250 ticket for 15 miles an hour over (85 in a 70 zone) and they threw in a $100 ticket for failure to prove I had insurance (I got that one thrown out when I showed the county clerk my insurance policy). I don't know of any jurisdiction that gives a $115 dollar fine for going 30 mph over the speed limit. As a matter of fact, 30 mph over is considered to be "Reckless" driving in most states, which would be about a $500-1000 fine and mandadory court appearance and mandatory license suspension. I think you are full of $hit.

Jack - retired cop

Jedi said...

@Anonymous(The one who doubts the tickets)

I've been issued two tickets in the past two years for my registration being 3 months past due.(my own stupid fault) Each ticket was $200.

Back in 1997, I was clocked doing 120 in a 60. I was in high school, and was extremely sick and trying to get home. I think the cop saw how pathetic I looked and did me a huge favor. He gave me a ticket for 99 in a 60, which kept me out of jail. That ticket, back in '97, was $250.

If the most expensive ticket you've ever seen was $115, I'm curious... did you get pulled over for cutting off someone on horseback with your Model-T?

Anonymous said...

Typical cop. Doesn't know how other states operate, so he starts throwing out accusations instead of questions.

That's why cops lose community trust year after year. They're dangerous, filled with anger and inflated egos.

- Nicolai

FerFAL said...

Please, no cop bashing Nicolai.
I wish our cops had 1/10 of the honor American cops have.


Don Williams said...

Hey, Ferfal, thought you might find this story of interest. 4 Armed Robbers invade a restaurant supply story in broad daylight in New York City (where gun ownership is tightly restricted) and started beating an employee with a pistol.

72 year old owner pulls out pump shotgun and blows all 4 away --killing two and putting the other two in the hospital.


However, owner evidently didn't bother to get New York City's permission to own the shotgun. However, looks like max penalty for that specific violation would be $300 fine and 15 days in jail.

However, he may not be charged.
If Comments section in NY Times news articles is any indicator, 95 percent of the city want to give him a parade.

FerFAL said...

They should! :-)