Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Example of sheeply stupidity:

This is what I sometimes talk about guys. People live such perfectly sheltered lives, they get to a point where they don’t even make sense anymore.
A dose of hard reality usually cures this.

Lady, if by any chance you happen to read this, playing videogames isn’t killing.
You admit that there are real monsters (that much is correct).
You better be armed if/when you have to face one.

By the way, knives are as lethal as guns and they never run out of ammo. But I’m sure there are no knives. Not in your life.



Anonymous said...

No worries man. When TSHTF in the US, people like that will quickly be disposed of by the rampaging criminals, leaving the rest of us to not have to protect their sorry asses.

A few years ago California passed a law saying that you couldn't use a cell phone in your car, and one person a local newspaper in the mountains interviewed said it was a good law, since she would do it unless there was a law telling her not to. And she was 44 years old!

America is full of them, and they rely on the safety net of civilization for survival. No safety net, no survival. I give them 6 months at most after the crash.

The population will be greatly reduced once the sheep are unable to buy food, since they don't know that food doesn't come from the back of the grocery store. In the 1970s there was a rumor that fast food restaurants had patented "meat animals" in the back, and they killed and cooked them as needed.

I'm sure it was meant as a joking response to the frequent delays at fast food places, but many took it seriously. Anyway, the reduced number of people to feed will greatly benefit the rest of us.

Bones said...

Where did you find this image? It's incredibly stupid for someone to assume there are no guns in their lives when the bad guy walking behind them could have one...

Shambhala said...

"I give them 6 months at most after the crash."

Youre an optimist. I give them 3 months.

This dumbass doesnt have guns because she thinks police are on the face of this Earth just to protect her.

FerFAL said...

Hey Bones, its from flickr
There's a bunch of similar kumbaya freaks, so clueless its pathetic.


talnik said...

Hey, don't get angry with her, she's just a model.

Pitt said...

This sort of thing is the kind of propaganda that is put out by people that confuse civilized with civilization. If TSHTF in the US, they would be meat on the hoof.

I heard 2 guys in a gunstore today say that they reason they couldn't find .380acp ammo was because all the guys in bunkers were buying it up. I started to laugh, because in the back of my mind, I thought "these guys are talking about me (me being a preparedness minded individual). I should have told them:

"You guys are wrong. Its guys like you that are buying up all the ammo. Guys like me had ours 2yrs before Obama got elected."

Anonymous said...

Ok Shambhala, you're right, I was writing off the top of my head and had to pick a number. Within a few weeks we should have millions of dead and dying sheeple.

A big secret that the sheep don't know: the cops are chicken. Cops are all big and bad when it's three of them and one of you, but when they are facing a whole city of criminals going wild all at once, like in LA in 1992, they retreat to the perimeter and order take out donuts. When it's a whole NATION, they'll head for the hills (without uniforms) and leave us to fend for ourselves.

Fernando, we need some posts on the "zonas liberadas" of Buenos Aires that you talk about in your book. There, the cops stay downtown and in the tourist zones. The rest of the city does as it pleases. The cops don't venture out unless they've got hundreds of cops backing them up, and with armor. That's the future here in the US-cops around city hall and in the mansion zones on the outskirts of town, and everybody else can go fish.

Bones said...

Those flickr pics are very strange. I can't figure out if these people are serious or not. Check out this one: The look on the guy's face says it all...


Don Williams said...

Such people are a threat to the rest of us, not just to themselves.

Because they are so childish , so unwilling to accept the responsibility of being an adult, they need a daddy surrogate to protect them from the monsters.

So they will vote to give unlimited powers to politicans who promise them safety.

They will create a police state -- one that will ultimately be far more dangerous than any individual or gang of criminals.

Fletch said...

Thanks for pointing this out. Not only is their "slogan" worded strangely, it's damn stupid.

I joined the group, and submitted my own for approval;


We'll see if it gets approved :)

parabarbarian said...

I've killed monsters in Doom
But I've never killed a monster in real life.

Not because there are no monsters
But because I have no guns
And the monsters killed me.

FerFAL said...

"talnik said...

Hey, don't get angry with her, she's just a model."

Her avatar shows the same person, its her work. She also commented on how she looked wierd in that pic.

These are the folks that will gladly vote to disarm us all.


Joseph said...

I agree with parabarbarian. So you have no guns (or weapons) and therefore no way to protect yourself. So the monster kills you?

vlad said...

Good samaritans stop to help you.
Predators stop to help themselves.
Self defence is optional.

Bones said...

I found a discussion thread there that indicates these pictures are a response to a political issue in Germany regarding violence in video games. Basically, political idiots (i know, it's redundant) are claiming violence in video games is causing violence in real life. These people are saying that violent games are not a cause of violence by showing that they understand and reject real life violence.

Unfortunately, they are merely shifting blame from games to guns. Even in a country where a mere 70 years ago the government was rounding up and murdering "undesirables", they don't get it.

talnik said...

FerFal: I posted that to see if someone would write "she's too ugly to be a model" because, well, she is, but I wouldn't say that myself. It would be too cruel.

Shambhala said...

LOL @ Parabarbarian.
SO true. SO true.

Yeah, FerFAL. Tell us a bit more about the "zonas liberadas".
The name is eerily reminiscent of the "free zones" of Snow Crash and other distopian books.

lvschant said...

It is a German student named Jana Herwig. She has a blog. Her post seems to be a pro-gamer thing. I don't know enough of current German news to know, but it seems like there is a current campaign against violent video games there.

I think that she was trying to make the point that just because she likes to play violent video games, doesn't mean she will get a gun in real life and shoot others.

However, from her blog and the comments on it, I can tell that there is real anti-gun sentiment going along with this...

So... even though she was trying to make a different point... her lack of understanding about guns is also exemplified.

I thought about commenting on her blog about positives about gun ownership and the willingness to protect oneself... but thought... Nawww it is just not worth the trouble with those folks.

They have no understanding since guns have essentially been all but outlawed since WWII.

Tony said...

What the heck is that poster even supposed to mean, it just sounds like gibberish.

Anonymous said...

She's a speed bump. The bad guys will use up a few bullets on her and have a few less bullets to fight me with.

Subby said...

lol the text of that image is so illogical. It looks like a typo or something. If there a monsters, then wouldn't it be helpful to have a gun?

On the other hand. The look on her face could be interpreted to mean that she is willing to to die when she faces those monsters, seeing as she refuses to have a weapon.

Another interpretation is that she is such a die hard killer that guns are for wussies and she has elected to fight them hand to hand. lol

Don said...

You guys don't understand the message because you're reading it in the wrong context. She's not making a point about guns, it is about video games.

Here point is not so much to assert the virtue of a gun-free life as it is to declare that violent video games to do not make people into violent killers.

You may think she's a "sheople", but the truth is that she is fighting against those who are even worse. It's one thing to think that guns might be a problem (they do, after all, allow the relatively easy application of lethal force). It is quite another to believe that video games are some kind of serious threat.

If you subscribe to the slogan "guns don't kill people, people kill people," then I have to think you'd agree with her that "video games don't kill people," too.