Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lessons from Egypt‏

Here are lesson on manliness learned from someone in the protests of Egypt. I found it to be motivational and educational and think you'll resonate with it. An excerpt: 

"A man is practical, not showy. I was armed with a hatchet and hunting knife, since I had read earlier that anything that couldn’t be used as a tool was dead weight. I used the hatchet to cut firewood to keep us warm at night and the hunting knife, well, cut things. Others were armed with butcher knives, clubs, sticks and swords. Some took it too far to look bad-ass: a man tied two butcher knives together, nunchaku style and hung them round his neck to look threatening. The man just made his neck an easy target. Another point, and I know many will not like to hear this, but a man who owns a gun who knows how to use it is a better man, period. Three men in our neighborhood had guns, and whenever we were on alert, we looked to them, since their reactions determined how the rest of us would respond."

Thanks for the link J. Getting rid of a dictator is empowering,  but the hardest part is to get things put together afterwards.
In many aspects we went through something similar: You feel you achieved something as a population when you get rid of the big fish, but you dont realize until months or years later how much the image of our country has suffered. It's not about visiting the pyramids, I'm talking about funds and investment rushing out of the country and waiting for years before cautiously approaching little by little.

Notice how this young man clearly realizes how poorly armed he is. He doesn't even realize that besides not having a firearm, he just wouldn't know how to use it efficiently if he had it. Its like owning a car and no knowing how to drive. When facing trained attackers, even with the gun you'll have little chance of success. Get the gun AND the training now.

His view is a bit naive too. Muslims and Christians all holding hands and singing cubmaya wont last a snowball in hell. Especially during such times, there's going to be tensions and the neighbor he loves today will soon become the guy that breaks into your home when you're out. 
Expect 9 out of 10 people to let you down, specially when you dont even know them. The lesson here guys? Get to know your neighbors today, that will give you a better idea of what to expect from each during hard times.



Anonymous said...

You've mentioned firearms many times. And you've mentioned the jump in violent crime after the economic collapse.

But you never said what (if any) new restrictions or controls or seizures the Argentine gov has put on guns, especially hand guns, since the economic collapse in 2001.

Owning a gun (legally of course) before an SHTF scenario is great. But if the gov is going to seize them after the SHTF thing happens, it doesn't do you any good.

In the U.S. the gun seizure after hurricane Katrina still stings bitterly in many preppers minds. It may have been an illegal seizure but it was still done. (To this day many gun owners haven't still gotten thier guns back!)

Jim said...

"Owning a gun (legally of course)" ? I would like to make two points on this;

1. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, PERIOD!!

2. Will the looters and rioters, when TSHTF own their firearms legally?!!


EN said...

Like Fer, I doubth very much that anything good will come from this. There's no plan, just a "feeling". However, his reaction with little or no training was stellar. This man deserves a lot of credit for stepping up, and hopefully that's how it would go here should that day ever come.

Anonymous said...

Jim - Technically I agree with you 1,000%!

But let's face reality: The Katrina gun seizure was illegal (unconstitutional) but it happened anyway!! Took the NRA 3 years in court to get it over turned and even now many legal New Orleans gun owners haven't been given back their guns. And that was merely a hurricane.

The reality is in an economic SHTF scenario they're going to come for your (our) guns no matter what. Maybe not on day-1 but not too much after that.

You can quote Constitution all you want but that isn't going to turn the sherrif or state troopers or Guard away from your door. That's just the sad reality.

Anonymous said...

ps- By "legally" I mean obtaining whatever gun licenses or permits required in your area and purchasing from legitimate sources with proper ID, paperwork etc.

Anonymous said...

"Expect 9 out of 10 people to let you down, specially when you dont even know them. The lesson here guys? Get to know your neighbors today, that will give you a better idea of what to expect from each during hard times."

I would not be surprised if 10 out of 10 let you down. Only 1% might not when it come right down to it. The others will either run, or put on a show of support, but only 1% will actually 'have your back' if it gets desperate. a

Randall Parker said...

Guys, You need a way to hide your guns. Ditto for other valuables.