Saturday, August 27, 2011

5 bad guys vs 1 Cop in a Bus full of Passengers

This happened in Buenos Aires close to where I live a couple weeks ago. At 4 AM a group of five armed criminals enter a bus and proceed to rob the passengers. As two of them approach the metropolitan police officer in the back seat, he draws his issued Beretta Px4 Storm, identifies himself and orders them to stop. The bad guys bring their guns up, he shoots and kills the closest two, two shots each (“but…but… 9mm is a poor stopper FerFAL, you need to shot bad guys at least seven times with it according to what I read on the internet!!”) The other three ran to the front, screamed to the bus driver to open the door. Fortunately he complied and the remaining criminals ran away.

Now if you listen to what people have to say, several will tell you that a 5 vs. 1 armed confrontation is hopeless, especially when its inside a bus with at least ten innocent passengers! This is yet another example that shows how the right mindset, combined with the intelligence to take advantage of a tactical opportunity during a moment of distraction, having the right training and weapon to level the odds, even during seemingly hopeless situations like this one there’s still hope. The police officer knew that if he was identified as a cop he would have been shot immediately as it so often happens. He knew he had to respond aggressively and having innocent people to consider and no possible cover, his retaliation had to be decisive, his only cover being a steady and accurate delivery of lead.

During another incident where two off-duty metropolitan police officers where involved, a vehicle intercepts the car where the officers are traveling, and criminals pull guns on them. They shoot them down, both the bad guys that get out of the vehicle and the ones that were pulling guns through the windows from the inside, killing everyone except for the driver. Both of them had been trained not to shoot if they could clearly see both hands and confirm that there was no weapon. When the shooting started the driver stood still, tightly gripping the steering wheel. When the shooting ended the driver was still frozen in place, still gripping the steering wheel, both hands visible: Turns out he was a hostage, the owner of the car and had been picked up as a driver for their crime spree that night.
While the luck factor is always there, awareness, determination, training and having the right tool for the job makes a huge difference in the outcome of this kind of event.
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Anonymous said...

Let's say you were on that bus, and you were carrying. Do you know for sure there is an officer on the bus? Do you get robbed and keep your pistol hidden? Do you draw as the officer did?

yankee_dollar said...

Si vis pacem, para bellum

dc.sunsets said...

Regarding the second situation, in the USA these days the cops would have probably swiss-cheesed everyone in the car, the hostage/driver included.

Top marks for the BA cops for their not killing the poor hostage.

In the USA cops have killed people with cell phones (or nothing) in hand because the cops are trained that the highest consideration of all is "officer safety." If that means they shoot your friendly, deaf Labrador Retriever or your 6-year-old sleeping on a couch (both documented occurrences), well, at least the cops all went home without a scratch. Shoot first, ascertain the danger level later.

Anonymous said...

Yea PX4! And I got my first one 'cause it was pretty...

Nice to have 17 +1 at your disposal. Also nice to have the training this officer had, as well as balls of steel.


Anonymous said...

Wow, great nerves and presence of mind those Argentinean cops had in those two instances. Great to hear about a win by the good guys!

Yep, I agree with David about his forecast, in the same circumstances, for American cops.

The U.S. is moving towards becoming a police state, with a poorly disciplined police force.

Economic Collapse said...

Wow, that cop sure has his head on straight. I hope all your cops are like that.

Here in the US I'm afraid many are cowardly, but its because of how they have been trained.

ps: Just finished your book - totally gave me a new perspective on what to expect in an economic collapse - Great job!

Anonymous said...

Yes, David. This happens all the time. Cops always shoot people with cell phones and all dogs. They're trained to do that!

David dear. A question for you. In what must be at least tens of thousands of police confrontations involving people with cell phones and dogs, how many times have the police not shot people with phones in their hands and how many times have police not shot dogs when serving warrants? Any clue, David?? Care to guess? It's a rhetorical question, David. You don't have to answer.

P.S. I'll see you at the G8 in Chicago, David.