Friday, August 5, 2011

ID Document in Argentina? Only if you’re Illegal.

My wife went to get her new ID document this morning and just came back empty handed.
The new identification document is necessary for voting in the next elections and there are some places around the city where they supposedly deliver the ID the same day, but after waiting in line for a couple of hours a person informed her that they had ran out of numbers for “her type” of ID.
“What do you mean my type of ID?” my wife asked.
“We have IDs, but only for those that are without documentation”.

Those without documentations would be the illegal immigrants. Thanks to the Mercosur agreement they can cross the border as they please. Officially they would need a job to stay here as residents, but none of them do. They just come an sign up for welfare, join the ruling political party, don’t pay taxes, demand that a house must be given to them for free (and sometimes get one) or simply squatter private property or build a shack in a park or some other state or privately owned land. Then they simply hook up so as to steal electric power and cut a road until water is installed too in their property, for free.

So my wife had to leave the line because they had no more documents for “her type”, you know, Argentine citizens, while the illegals from Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru waited for their ID.
This is pretty clever folks. There’s no better way to ensure that “that type” of people have an ID to vote in the coming presidential elections, so as to keep in office the person that allows them to get away with all this, while the real citizens, they wont have the new ID and therefore will not be able to vote. Genius, pure genius people, applauses please.

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Jeb Stuart said...


This makes me sick to hear that. Here in the U.S. we're moving in the same direction. Illegals don't need the same documentation as citizens to get things like a driver's license. Many vote too. This is how you lose a democracy and turn it into a criminal oligarchy. I guess you would be better off coming to the U.S. if that's what they're doing in Argentina.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't she go back later and claim to an illegal just to get an ID?

Anonymous said...

No she couldn't because the RED goverment would imprison her for "discrimination." Please let the world know what is happenning here. Tiranny!

Anonymous said...

Here in California it is illegal for the election workers to ask for proper ID. Any unregistered alien can register to vote in whatever name they choose and their vote will be counted simply by showing a piece of mail, any mail addressed in the name they wish to vote under.
I on the other hand, had to re-register three years in row and was told each year my vote would likely not be counted because I didin't find out I was not registered until past the " deadline" that is only imposed on you if you rgister at the Ciy Clerks office as you are supposed to. The city clerk DOES require proper ID; Two types.
This is how the socialist status quo will continue deeper until total failure in California and indeed eventually USA.

Pissed in Kalifornia.