Monday, August 1, 2011

What does a CIA agent carry?

Sure, many of them are people sitting behind a desk, or gathering intelligence by being the most normal, least assuming people you could think of. But what of those that go to dangerous places on their own, where the risk factor is considerable, working in hostile territory?

Some of you may remember Raymond Davis and the incident where he shot two suspects in Pakistan.  The pistol used was a Glock 17 9mm, he also had several spare magazines and other interesting equipment, many of which we have talked about here. As a person dealing with dangerous situations in overall hostile territory without backup readily available, he had to plan for several possible survival situations. It´s no wonder then that he carried a handgun, knives, GPS, compass, flashlights (including a headlamp), other navigation tools and medical supplies for treating injuries if he got shot, among other items. Here’s the photo and list of gear found in his vehicle.

1. Glock 9 mm pistol (1)
2. 9 mm pistol magazine (5)
3. Ammunition, 9 mm pistol (75)
4. Tracker alongwith charger (1) [Remarks: GPS map 60 CSX]
5. Purse (1)
6. Wireless set (1)
7. Wireless set battery (1)
8. Cutter (2)
9. Mobile along with 1x battery (2) [Remarks: Nokia 6300, 1100]
10. Head torch (1)
11. Digital camera (1)
12. Small telescope (1)
13. Small torch (1)
14. Bandage (5)
15. QuikClot (1)
16. Hyfin chest seal (1) [Remarks: Mask]
17. Integrity Medical (1)
18. Health care Stike (1)
19. Simple light torch (1)
20. Priority 1 Immediate (1)
21. Cyalum chemical light(3)
22. Rescue products (2)
23. Needle decompression (1)
24. Rusch Sterile (1)
25. Notice card (1)
26. Duracell AA batteries (8)
27. Key Honda Civic (1) [Remarks: LED 10-680]
28. Diary (1)
29. Packet Tobacco (1)
30. Handbag (1)
31. Keychain with key (1) [Remarks: Alongwith 2x V-Card-Contact Card]
32. Contact cards (18)
33. Memory card (1)
34. Pakistani currency (Total: Rs. 5,605/-) [Remarks: Rs. 1000*5, 100*4, 50*3, 20*2, 10*1, 5*1]
35. American Dollars (Total: $ 126) [Remarks: $ 100*1, 20*1, 5*1, 1*1]
36. ATM Bank Cards (5)
37. Copy of PIA ticket (1)
38. Receipt money exchange (1)
39. Receipt Al-Falah bank (1)
40. Chit Embassy (1)
41. Black Cheque (2) [Remarks: USAA Federal Saving Bank]
42. Passport (1)

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Anonymous said...

Curious. 2nd row, right hand photograph sure looks like a couple of M-16 style magazines. However, there aren't any listed in the inventory.

Anonymous said...

Any idea what kind of radio he was using?

Anonymous said...

If he had 75 rounds with five mags, wouldn't that indicate he had a Glock 19 instead of Glock 17? Glock 19s have 15 round mags, while Glock 17s have 17.

Very cool either way!

Anonymous said...

Clawhammer says; What, No body armour either? Obviously trained to shoot first!

FerFAL said...

Hi, I googled it up and it seems that he was using a Glock 17. The picture looks like a Glock 17 too. About the ammo keep in mind that the shots fired are missing for that count.

Don Williams said...

Re the number of rounds vs number of Glock magazines, remember that some people prefer to load magazines with one round less than maximum in order to put less strain on the magazine springs.

Don Williams said...

Re Clawhammer at 12:23 am: "What, No body armour either? "
1) I wondered about that. If you look at the pictures of Raymond Davis, he appears to be wearing a white Tshirt under his outer shirt. I wondered if that might have been ClassII body armor and the Pakistan police failed to recognize it.

2) Temperatures in Lahore on Feb 7, 2011 were 5-24 degree Celsius (41-75 deg Fahrenheit).

Anonymous said...

A purse AND a handbag?

I guess he wanted to make sure not to break any fashion rules...

Harry said...

"A purse AND a handbag?"

Maybe maxpedition type bags?

PreppingToSurvive said...

As Anonymous pointed out, from the pictures it looks like he had some rifle magazines as well. Curious.


Don said...

The flashlight looks like a Sure-Fire. It would be interesting to know the make and model of the headlamp, knives and packs/bags he used.

Always enjoy reading your posts. 8-)


Anonymous said...

1 9mm pistol
75 rounds of ammo
1 cell phone
126 dollars...

A feller couldn't have a good weekend in Vegas with that stuff...