Saturday, October 1, 2011

The second you get complacent …

So with the trip to Salt Lake City coming up I was thinking of staying Friday night with the wife and kids instead of going shooting. A friend’s phone call later and some “It will do you good” from my wife had me throwing some stuff into a bag and hurrying out the door.

You know how it is, that the one time you leave something behind because you forgot about it or you thought you won´t need it, you just happen to do? Murphy is always around the corner.
Hurrying to get things ready to shoot I apparently cut my finger with some sharp object. I only realized I got cut when I felt something wet in my hand, and sure enough, the little first aid kit had stayed in my EDC bag and in the hurry I didn’t include it in the range bag. There was some Quickclot there but all I needed was a few bandages. No big deal, I cleaned up as well as I could with some water I had and used some paper tape, once home I cleaned the cuts better and wrapped them up. Later someone saw my finger and offered bandages. It sucks when you don’t have these because you forgot your own first aid kit.

All the time I wanted to kick myself for not having the first aid kit with me, for rushing and getting complacent. This was nothing, just a minor inconveniences if anything at all, but its almost funny how even if you carry something with you at all times, the single day you forget about it in I don’t know how long, that’s the day when you need it! Happens the same with knives, or concealed carry guns. The time you don’t feel like carrying, that’s the time you need it.
I took it as a reminder and as a way to reinforce that what is carried at all times, is actually carried for a good reason.

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Anonymous said...

the way to solve that is to have a mini first aid kit in your range bag. That's what I did when the very same thing happened to me earlier this year.

SheepDog said...

A couple of band-aids in your wallet behind your drivers license can also save you when you forget your gear or left it in the car etc.