Monday, October 3, 2011

Topics for the SelfReliance Expo

I’ll be in Salt Lake City in a couple more days. I already have the topic of the presentations down to, day 1 : What happened in Argentina in 2001 and the similarities with current events in USA  Day 2: How to prepare for an economic collapse.   Each will last about an hour and then there will be plenty of time for questions. I still wanted to know if there’s a specific topic you guys would like me to include as well. Most of you that follow the blog already heard all this a hundred times but for those that don’t I must start with the basics like I do in radio interviews. Still, if there’s any specifics you’d like me to consider just leave a comment here.
Take care and see some of you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Income - (jobs, business, underground economy, etc.) - One of the main reason why people are currently protesting in the U.S. are against Wall Street. I think this topic will probably be discussed a lot.

Medicine/Health - A lot of Americans are on drugs(legal/illegal), another topic.

Looking good/feeling good - I believe people will spend money on it. My sister works for Mercedes, she told me that June of this year, was the best year they ever had in their history, July wasn't bad either. My other sister is a hair stylist, the price people are willing to pay, would make both of us laugh, she's been doing it for about two decades now, even has one client flying in from California to Texas, just to get a haircut. Focus on people with disposable income. Survive and Thrive should also be another topic.