Monday, July 16, 2012

Attacking the American Dream

I recently started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago.  I am slowly working my way up from 2008 to present.  Excelent material!  I love your no nonsense writing.
I opened this article this morning and I was blown away.  Just thought you would be interested to see this….
Apparently, we the people, can’t do anything on our own.  Our brave new world is coming very soon, especially if he is re-elected!
Hi James,
Isn’t it surprising, the things you see that you thought you’d never live to see, right?
Take away a persons pride by leaving him unemployed. Check.
Destroy his dignity by reducing his purchasing power, so that even if employed its just not enough. Check
Make sure he collects a welfare check in one form or another from the benevolent state. Check.
Make sure that even if in spite of this the individual succeeds financially, that he feels its not because of his own merit. Yup, now checked.
I’ve been talking lately with American that tell me how increasingly complicated its getting to start and run a business in USA. More taxes, more regulations and controls, more inspections and restrictions.
They just don’t want people to be independent, they’ll even send SWAT kicking down your door for dealing with milk. Not a code word for some drug but real pure cow milk can get you arrested!
I wont get into why they are doing this but I will tell you the consequences: A degradation of the American middle class along with greater levels of poverty and a concentrated all-mighty elite that profits from this very effective wealth distribution. Distributing mostly to themselves, that is, through various bailouts and government schemes.
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Blog Author said...

America: Somehow we got conquered long ago and nobody bothered to tell us, and we're just now noticing. Whoops! But when our ouroborous finally swallows his tail, there'll be no refuge to fly to, no "land of the free" to dream of escaping to.

It's strange to realize we're fast becoming more Communist and repressive than Russia. Even Obama's campaign slogan "Forward!" is a relic of Communism.

Burke said...

Anyone who wants to understand COMPLETELY, down to the cultural and philosophical levels, what's going on in the US and the rest of the world needs to read Ayn Rand.

Anonymous said...

You fellows have it wrong. The film clip is about Obama saying the self-employed business owner didn't succeed without government help. Well, the government didn't help me. I worked on my own, day and night for many years. Sometimes two jobs. the government didn't pay my employee or my house payment or maintain my work vehicle or find customers for me. therefore, since no one helped me unless I paid them, I don't need to "give back" in the form of higher taxes, or passively submit to more regulations. that's what the story was about. the American is achievable, but it is harder when government is in the way. Like Reagan said, "Government can't fix the problem because government IS the problem."

k said...

Obama conveniently forgot that a lot of those people that did critical work for millionaires have already been PAID in FULL. He also purposely left out a bunch of people who have not been paid in full; American Indians. American Indians have been cheated for hundreds of years by the US government, and they will be cheated by it until it ends.

Anonymous said...

If the government is responsible for small business success, are they also liable when small businesses go under? Seems to me it's the small business guy who takes all of the down-side risk.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you own a business you should be proud of your accomplishments- but you should also acknowledge that you didn't do it alone- did you build the public school that taught you to read, hire the teachers that taught your employees to do math, or build the roads that bring customers to your store? How about the legal system that enforces your contracts, or protects your patents, or ensures you're not selling products tainted with toxins. Your parents and grandparents paid for all those things via taxes, as an investment in building a great country- but now, the spoiled Right thinks it's entitled to those things as a free handout!- Gov't isn't the problem, I-got-mine voters and politicians for sale are the problem!

Anonymous said...

Government doesn't build the roads. A company created by another individual is awarded the tax dollars that we pay to the government in the form of a contract. The government doesn't build the road they mearly allocate the funds to private individuals to build them for us. Governmetn doesn't teach my children to read a teach who is contracted by the local school district using funds I pay in property tax teaches my children. Government is just a collector of money. The problem with government is that over half the money it takes in is consumed by it, so less than half of what I pay in taxes actually goes to the individuals or company that is performing the service. The Right wants this government waste reduced or eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Hey 'Anonymous' on July 25, thanks for making my point for me ('Anonymous' July 18)-yes, school teachers are hired by school districts which are "The Govt" and without all the planning, organizing, bidding out, and contracting for roads by "The Govt," your private roadbuilding company would be jobless. As for your "half the money" statistic- you're either very confused by the federal budget, or you think the US military should fight for free. Try turning off Faux News once in awhile.