Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When Will SHTF in USA?

I got asked this question on a radio interview recently. It’s a popular question that I avoid answering as much as possible because there´s no right answer. You can´t predict these things with any degree of practical accuracy. No one knows when S%@! will Hit the Fan, and those that venture guesses always claim the sky is falling next year. Claim the same thing year after year and who knows, eventually you might get lucky.
U.S. ElectionsNow, in spite of my rule regarding this question this time I ventured a response of some sort.  Not a SHTF date, but lets say a time when I’d be just a bit more concerned than usual. As always, I gave it based on common sense, logic, a percentage of guestimation and a dose of my own experience in this field.
When Cristina Kirchner got reelected with 54% of the votes I knew we had to hurry up our plans and leave as soon as possible. The logic behind this was the following: We had four years of Nestor Kirchner, then four more years of her wife Cristina as president. Then Nestor died and Cristina got reelected. There’s no husband anymore to take office after her and unless she changes the constitution (which she is trying to do) this will probably be her last term. Before the reelection Cristina played it safe trying to keep things calm so as to not upset people. It was safe to assume that after the reelection she would let go and run with any plans she didn’t dare put into motion before the elections. Not a week after her reelection, she started with some of the most draconian financial measures, banning the purchase of dollars, increasing taxes and the cost of living and inflation jumped when most services went up in price.
If I had to bring out the crystal ball for what´s going to happen in U.S., I´d say that Obama will play it safe also until the elections and only afterwards play some of his more unpopular cards.  Here again, there’s nothing to lose after the election is won, and what he didn’t dare go for in the first term he will try to do in his second one if he wins.
Things I’d watch for:
1) Attempts to restrict the 2nd Amendment. Get your concealed carry permit now, just in case.
2) More taxes and controls for people that want to be self-reliant. (food production, power, taxing the use of water) Try keeping a low profile and fly under the radar.
3)As Obama said, “If You’ve Got a Business, You Didn’t Build That”, so expect more controls and more start up costs for starting businesses after the elections. Better do it now if you had something planned.
4)Because presidents that start wars tend to get reelected, the Iran card may be the exception here and may be used before the elections. A tragic incident of considerable proportions or terrorist attack (foreign or domestic, as Matt Bracken would say) may also work.
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Don Williams said...

1) Obama is actually a white Republican. I know --hell of a disguise. But that is why the Rich dumped $750+ million into his 2008 campaign. He works for them --not for any ideology and certainly not for the common citizens.

And he will continue working for the Rich -- in the hope that he will pick up $80 million in net worth after leaving office, same as that socialist Bill Clinton.

2) It is kinda unfair to suggest that Obama will casually drag us into Iran -- so far, he has actually resisted strong pressure from some very powerful people to do so.

In contrast, Newt Gingrich was practically auctioning off the lives of another 5000 soldiers to pro-Israel billionaire Sheldon Adelson during the Republican primary --in exchange for $10 million from Sheldon.

And if you want to see why Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton voted to send 4500 Americans to their deaths in Iraq, look at the Wikipedia article on Israeli billionaire Haim Saban --who dumped $14 million into the Democratic Party in 2002.

The Freedom of the American people is certainly at risk -- but from the acts of billionaires. Congressmen, Senators and Presidents are merely minor employees of such. Tax the billionaires out of existence and you would remove many of the ills inflicted on the USA over the past 20 years.

Anonymous said...

It is very bothersome to see a President say to his country that if you worked to create a business that you actually didn't do it. Someone else deserves the credit. That kind of thinking only leads to theft of property by the Government to pay for votes among the non-working. Soon enough you'll have a third world country.

Anonymous said...

I think you are correct on all points. I do think you missed something important. That is that Obama is not trying to do good things for America but merely has a different philosophy. He is trying to destroy America. Simple as that. Simple Google Cloward and pivens two of his mentors) to understand what is going on. His aim is to destroy what America is so it can be replaced with a Marxist socialist country.

Mayberry said...

The shit has already hit the fan, a long time ago. Most folks just don't realize it. They're still too comfortable...

Anonymous said...

Luckily Obama doesn't control all of congress and the republicans would block all of this (except war with anyone after a serious terrorist attack).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your insight.

"Here again, there’s nothing to lose after the election is won, and what he didn’t dare go for in the first term he will try to do in his second one if he wins." Not that I disagree with you, but this is a rather horrific statement considering that there is very little left. That piece of paper with all those Amendments seems to be forgotten.

Recently, there seems to be a concerned effort to squash the expression of religion. What was embraced as a cultural acceptance in the fifties and before, appears to be a totally incompatible today. Do you think a ratcheting up (more intolerance) of this aspect is a possibility?

"Get your concealed carry permit now, just in case." Unfortunately, I live in a state that, although on the books, does not give these permits. How will this help in other states? Everyone is registered. All they must do is "knock on the door" and "collect" them.

"“If You’ve Got a Business, You Didn’t Build That”," I could say a lot about this. I suppose that the communist paradigm should be considered as the model. (Dumbed down, skill-less, and dependent.)

Don Pontious said...

Mr. Williams,
I personally urge you to please research collectivism and individualism. Republican/Democrat are just two sides of the same coin. Their goals are the same. As for the Iran conflict, you apparently are not staying informed as to the things President Obama has done (ALA FDR during the early 1940's) with heavy economic and trade sanctions, as well as massive troop and military build ups in the region.

The American people have lost their freedoms, it just has not been made official yet. Implementation of the directives and Executive orders that have been put into place since the 1960's will ensure that which ever president does implement them, they will retain dictatorial power until it can be forcibly taken back by the people.

It is not the "past 20 years". It is the past 100 years, and prior to that if you look hard enough at the real evidence. Start back at the Revolutionary war and look at the "First Bank", the "Second Bank", then to the Federal Reserve Bank (fully enacted in 1913, almost 100 years ago).

I urge you or any American out there, to seriously scrutinize the real power: MONEY. Follow the money. Ask yourself why were nations taken off the gold standard? Why do Fiat currencies exist, when since ancient China, they have been tried and failed miserably? One word: Power.

The hydra has many heads, one of them is called Democrat Party, another called the Republican Party, yet another called Conservatives, another called Liberals. I am none of these, I am educated.

The true goal of the hydra is power. Consolidating as much power in a Government as possible. Exactly what out forefathers fought against.

Our goal should be to find what can kill the hydra and end it forever. I think the keys lie in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights (minus the 14th, and 16th amendments at the very least).

Anonymous said...

Nope. The key lies in no government.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, avid reader. But I think your assumption of what will happen should Obama get re-elected is a little over-blown. He can go after guns all he wants (which I don't really think he wants to in the aggregate), but that would never happen. Gun lobby WAY too big and there's too many guns in America and they are so prolific that won't happen. That's just scare tactics by a conservative base. Regarding the "you didn't build that" statement it was taken out of context. Just as when Romeny said at the RNC to the Olympians, "you didn't win those golds by yourself." They both mean that everyone had help in some way. Friends, family, government, etc. I'm no fan of either party/candidate. I fear both economically but Obama the least. Romney wants to cut taxes (which won't benefit the middle working class), increase fossil fuel production and increase military spending at the expense of social programs (medicare, food stamps, unemployment). I'm no big fan of unemployment but when more than 4 million jobs disappear from your economy, assistance is needed. Obama's stimilus was horribly done. Stimilus was necessary in the form of government spending but it was put together to quickly and with many interests at the trough. Obama on the other hand wants to raise taxes to Clinton years levels (when we didn't run a deficit and mainly affected guys like Romney). He wants to continue working towards renewables and maintain our social programs. The real problem this country faces is it's policy on quantitative easing. That's the biggest factor of the "when will SHTF" America's problem is that the powers that be have figured out how to control America. Keep us divided. Make people pick a side based on Religion or economics and then feed disinformation through those channels regarding the opposing "view" People need to wake up and realize, it's not the Repubs or the Dems that are causing our downfall. It's both parties only trying to make the other look bad instead of collaborating to make this country better. We need term limits (no more that two), a flat tax (with NO deductions or exlusions), elimination of current campaign finance methods (put it all in one trough and divide equally) and harsher definitions/treatment of any influence (gifts, bribes) on both sides of the bribe. We need people getting involved in the process, not hiding in bunkers with their years worth of food and ammo. We need to get involved in our neighborhoods with our neighbors. Lend each other support. Becuase, one thing both Obama and Romney are right about; you can't do it alone (even you, Fernando, in your own blog have said it many times). We all need each other. So everyone, wake up to the lies. Challenge your own beliefs, and actually try to bridge those gaps.