Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mini Dynamic Duo: Fenix E05 & Leatherman PS4

Just as the first rule of gunfighting is having a gun, we could go along those same lines an say that the first rule of preparedness is, (like the Boy Scout motto)  being prepared. Here is where all the will power, skill and resourcefulness clashes with the cold hard wall known as reality. Do you have a knife when you need it? Do you have a light with you when the building you are in starts shaking and lights go out? In most cases, no, people don’t carry these things. Its heavy, its expensive, its just a drag to worry about such silly things when I have so much going on right now, correct?. Well, these past few weeks I’ve been trying out some gadgets that may fill that bill.
Leatherman PS4

The Leatherman PS4 is the evolution of the Leatherman P4. The P4 had no scissors but had a punch/owl tool which I liked for general picking and crapping and a small flat screwdriver. Is it better to have those instead of the scissors? I happen to like them better because I just think that anything that such a small scissor can do, can be improvised with the blade you have. Maybe a short emergency blade/owl combo tool and a small flat screwdriver would have been interesting.
In spite of that, it is an impressive little tool. Blade, big flat screw driver, bottle opener, spring-loaded pliers, wire cutter, scissors, file and flat Phillips screw driver. While a bigger multitool would be better and more capable, something like the Wave or Charge Tti which I personally favor, if the options are either not carrying anything or carrying one of these, then the niche of the PS4 becomes obvious.
Maybe of interest for you guys looking to get your better halfs better prepared or interested in modern survivalism, my wife defined the PS4 as “cute” and asked for a red version for her keychain.
Fenix E05

The Fenix E05 uses a single AAA battery that is readily available and in a worst case scenario you can sure scrounge one from remote controls or other gadgets.  The highly efficient LED will provide 30 lumens for 2 hours And 50 minutes. This is the smallest AAA LED light made by Fenix, the smallest AAA in the market as far as I know. While their E01 model is cheaper at nearlt 12 dollars and lasts for nearly 24 hours which is pretty sweet, the E05 is simply brighter and has a nicer light coloration and an especially made lens that provides a wide, even hot spot. This light has little throw and lots of flood, clearly intended to light up a room during a blackout rather than search around for critters or suspects in dark streets.
Compact and Affordable way to have your Bases Covered

The only thing missing here from what I call the sacred EDC triad you should never be without would be a lighter or small firesteel. (I’ll do a video on how to improvise something in that regard soon) Oh! By the way, the file in the PS4 makes a good striker if you happen to have a firesteel to use.
The Leatherman Ps4 costs about 20 USD and almost the same for the Fenix E05. Compact, not that expensive and you can throw both in your keychain and forget about them. That is, until you need them!


Trey said...

Hey, I used the scissors on my PS4 to cut a weird 'lick' off of my son's hair. That would have been tough with a blade.

I've carried my PS4 for several years now. It lost the spring that holds the pliers open, so I sent it in for repair. I didn't realize how much I used it until I had to do without it.

DougFromOz said...

I bought a PS4 from your earlier recommendation "The $99 EDC" and used it for nearly a year before upgrading to the Micra. I prefer the Micra over the PS4, it's slightly larger, but more tools and most importantly for me, a full size scissors in place of the pliers. Scissors are the main tool I need during the day.

O said...

Boy Scouts of America have a small fire steel that is perfect for a keychain and costs just a few bucks. My spouse and I both have them on our key chains now and several other similar options in our Bug Out Bags.

Metafunkyhomosapiens said...

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