Wednesday, November 28, 2012

501 Most Devastating Disasters


Don Williams said...

1) Good information. I would note however, that the British played a major role in the rise of the Nazis.

British Prime Minister David Lloyd George promoted the story that he had made a deal with "world Jewry" by creating Israel. A story that he promoted by dropping propaganda leaflets into WWI Germany calling upon German Jews to support Great Britain --as one of many ploys to divide Germany. See his "Memoirs of the Peace Conference" re the Balfour Declaration.

2) In fact, Lloyd George was lying -- Zionism as he defined it was a minor fringe element within the Jewish community at that time. In "The Zionist Masquerade", James Denton notes that the Zionist Review had a circulation of less than 1000 copies a month -- until Lloyd George's Ministry of Information took it over and turbocharged the front by disseminating over half a million copies around the world. Plus British intelligence used its power in America and elsewhere to promote the Zionist cause and to covertly attack both gentile and Jewish critics.
3) David Lloyd George imposed a blockade that deliberately starved over 1 million Germans to death --and falsely claimed that "the Jews" helped him maintain the blockade in the Ukraine. In reality, the Jewish Communists in that area despised Great Britain and were disinclined to help.

4) After the Social Democrats were induced to overthrow the Kaiser with false promises from Woodrow Wilson, Lloyd George helped the City of London bankers rape Germany via the Versaille Reparations --which Germany could repay only with hyperinflation.

5) This excuses nothing -- the Nazis were psychopathic murderers created by 4 years in the WWI trenches crossed with enormous rage at what they had been deceived into believing was betrayal. But they were not naturally born -- British propaganda helped create them.
At heart, I think Lloyd George viewed the Holocaust as acceptable collateral damage to his successful WWI victory.

6) The point is that the distance between the ruthless Hitler and the wealthy elites of the USA and UK is not as great as is commonly assumed. A survivalist can count on his government observing humane values and the rule of law only so long as the cost to the elites is moderate. In desperate circumstances, the gloves come off.
Again, read Lloyd George's Memoirs to see how rulers really think.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ferfal
I am a city dweller who really appreciates your perspective on urban survival. There are so many hazards out there, best to focus on the ones most likely to affect you in your "area", whether that means geographic location or personal hazards related to line of work, quality of neighbors, recreational activities, etc....
Regarding animals, another way to deal with the dilemma of whether or not to stay with pets is to work on an evacuation plan for animals. Very important for owners to have carriers, muzzles, leashes, cages, etc... on hand for evacuations. It may not work every time but it is better than nothing.

Thank you so much for your candor

Anonymous said...

Hi FerFal. Please do not tell stories about "Golodomor" or Stalin as facts based on some book. There is huge controversy about it. There is a huge controversy about Stalin and his role in history as well. There is huge division of opinions about Stalin and USSR history among Russians. Even more of "Golodomor" (many believe it was never existed). To this day there is arguing going on in Russia almost every day. Just assume there is no facts available to make any conclusion or accusations. Do not believe any single book as you need to go to the government archives and spend few years studying it to understand what was happening these days. Do not believe about "millions dead" or evel Stalin trying to kill Ukrainians. This is total absurd and BS. I am Russian and your long term reader. After death of Stalin history was re-written and he was demonized by Hrushchev. After USSR collapse history was re-written to the point Stalin is compared to Hitler now. Again, you need to study for many years and from archives to grasp what was happening.

FerFAL said...

Why do you want to deny this terrible genocide, in which millions of innocent people were brutally murdered?

Valentin said...

Political murder is already happening in the US and the media is covering it up, look up Jack Wheeler he was found stumbling as if drugged in southern Delaware and later was found dead in a dump in northern Delaware.