Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gold Chain Robbery Epidemic

Hi FerFAL,

Saw this news article and immediately thought of your book (which I enjoyed, by the way).



Inside Stockton’s Violent Gold Chain Robbery Epidemic

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Memorial candles and crime scene tape still scar the southern edge of Stockton’s Victory Park.
Almost everyone walking the park knows the story of Armando Pina — even two months after the deadly broad-daylight gold chain robbery that ended his life, parkgoers said.
“It’s sad,” said Robert Alejandre, who now walks the park with his wife. “It just goes to show you you never know.”
“Fewer people seem to be walking,” said Jim Patterson, who continues to exercise at the park — but removes any jewelry first.
Pina — a 60-year-old cancer survivor, father and grandfather — was killed around 3 p.m. Sept. 17, as he walked along the park’s southern walkway, parallel to Picardy Drive.
“I just knew my whole world had ended,” said daughter Rita Marie Pina, who spoke with her father every day. “My father lost his life to a chunk of gold.”
Pina’s family said he usually wore his gold chain beneath his shirt, but it is not known whether the chain was visible that afternoon, when killers ripped it off his neck and snatched a beloved family man and role model from his community.
 A New Kind of Gold Rush

 Third-generation pawn broker Tim Cassidy, who owns Stockton’s historic Cassidy’s Jewelry and Loan, sees more gold than ever — as many as 50 gold chains a day, he said.
“A simple very small gold chain can easily be sold for $200 or $300,” he said.

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Hi James,

Its no big surprise really. In times like these, its pretty obvious that any gold jewelry will be targeted by criminals.
Too bad people are losing their lives over it. I remember when I stopped wearing my own gold wedding band becuase of a similar problem. My wife and I, we started wearing silver replacements instead. It just wasnt worth the risk.
Take note people, and most of all, take care!



Anonymous said...

Why I don't have a big stash of PMs in my preps - as soon as the word gets around, you will be burnt toast.

Greek Caste System said...

Ferfal, could you please explain, why Argentina (and generally Latin American countries) have such a big problem with criminality? (That's a good idea for an article). During your first articles (2008) a Russian guy commented that he identifies with what you say although crime in Russia is not as rampant as Argentina. And Russia is considered the crime capital of Europe! Hungary is also a country with economic problems, I visited Budapest in 2011, extremely quiet (and beautiful) city, cars do not even honk (common in Greece), no beggars in traffic lights (very common in Greece too) and I toured all around the city with my expensive watch and camera on hand. Many Greeks visit Budapest, I 've never heard anybody having a problem with muggings etc.
The only place that looks like your descriptions is Johannesburg where I have relatives (Greek diaspora), they do not exit their homes after 19.00, they keep a valid passport to leave in case of things get really bad etc. etc. etc.

Blog Author said...

I've been thinking today about ways to hide gold on one's person. This is partly so that someone who is traveling can keep emergency gold on them, and could be partly a way to smuggle gold out of an oppressive country, right past the border guard.

Sewing chains or rings inside the seams of your clothes seems to be an idea, if you don't have to go through a metal detector. Or you could wear something gold that was painted over to look like painted dross metal. (like a button). You could stick a piece of gold to the back of a political or funny saying pin. Those look cheap, and are already metal.

Women might sew it up entirely into something cloth that you wear in your hair. Like a hair scrunchie with jewelry hidden inside it. It would be a simple matter to add some cheap, gaudy looking, gold-paint-chipped fake bling to the outside of the hair thing so that the real gold inside it goes unnoticed, if you must pass an inspection with it.

Maybe you could deconstruct a cheap high heel pair of shoes, and replace the metal last from the inside of the shoe with a gold one. Just make it 10K gold so it holds its shape. Stick some Dr. Scholls on top of your shoe surgery so it's not so apparent.

It would also be funny if someone made real ruby (beaded) slippers, and they added a lot of sequins so they looked fake. (actually that would be quite possible with garnets - rubies might need to be set since they're pretty hard, like an 8 or something. Emeralds might work better for beads.) Or you could sew the gems into tube ribbons, sew the ribbons onto the shoes, and then sew obviously fake gems on top.

You could literally walk out of the place with a fortune.

The same in-plain-sight thing that goes for fancy shoes would also work for a jacket. Just don't get hot and forget it somewhere.

You could make gold hardware for a handbag, then sew it up in leather so no gold shows. (i.e. a stiff handle or clasp). But you still might get the handbag stolen.

I hope these ideas spark more ideas.

Maldek said...

It is difficult to compare a 1st world country linke Hungary with a 3rd world country like Paraguay (in my case).

The poor in europe often can not afford a 2nd car or a new computer.
The poor in south america can not afford a 2nd meal per day.

The moment the goverment fails to pay its entitlement programs (like pension, social security, medicare etc) and at the same time the unemployment level is above 20% you will see real crime.

It is said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words - so take a look at these and you will understand.

Rural house in Paraguay (common)

Rural house in Hungary (common)