Saturday, November 24, 2012

Improving your Home Security Part II


Unknown said...

Where would one go if they were looking for security companys in Calgary? I have searched all over to find a good one.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to discuss tropical style homes with tile on the roof.

Criminals easily lift the tiles and go in through the roof. This happens in most of the break-ins in Thailand where I live. One way to foil them is to have a thick steel mesh welded on the inside of your roof along the roof frame which is also made of steel here. That way if they get the tile off, which they will, they have mesh to get through and that will not be easy or quiet.

The Thai criminals will actually take off their shoes (very quiet this way) and come in through the roof while you sleep. You need to be able to secure your roof from rooftop invaders.

Don't use the glue some companies offer as the glue expands and contracts with the heat and can cause leaks in your roof. Weld steel mesh under the tiles. Also, a good idea to put a motion sensor and light in your attic space just in case they do come through. That won't chase them all away, but it may scare some of them off.

Anonymous said...

Something to add about burglar bars...

Make sure to weld the bolts closed. Many companies when installing them will bolt them to your wall and then not weld the bolts closed. Criminals just unscrew them and remove the bars. Weld them closed.