Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DVD Review: “Grow You Own Groceries”.

Marjory Wildcraft is very knowledgeable and her experience shows in her DVD “Grow You Own Groceries”.
I found the DVDs to be easy to comprehend even for beginners and to the point. The set includes 3 discs actually, two video DVDs plus a 3rd CD with bonus resource files.
Marjory speaks clearly, in a simple to understand manner. The DVD explains how to set up a pretty comprehensive food production system, but this same information could be used by someone looking to work on something much smaller too, or focusing only on certain aspects of food production, may that be for example a small backyard orchard, chickens or perennial plants.
Besides growing vegetables she explains how to keep chickens and rabbits as well. These are one of the most simple, limited hassle ways of putting meat on the table for protein.
Her DVD can be found in Amazon. Marjory Wildcraft has a youtube channel (Check out the videos about her trip to Cuba!) and website Growyourowngroceries.org.


Don Williams said...

1) There are two problems I see with trying to grow your own food from scratch (i.e, in your yard after a disaster of some nature):

a) You need to get MORE calories from your harvest than what you burn in digging up the ground, etc.
Fats, in particular are hard to acquire.

b) By definition, when you harvest a crop you are taking the 3 prime nutrients (nitrogen, potash, phosphate ) out of the ground. So you need to put them back in but organic fertilizers have very low percentages of those elements.

2)Wood ashes can give you potash but nitrates are hard unless you have some herd animals to supply manure.
(I'm leaving out blood meal and bone meal because I assume you won't be slaying hundreds of people in human wave attacks and using them for fertilizer.)

3) There are good reasons why early civilizations grew up along the flood plains of large rivers (Nile, Indus, Euphrates, Yangtze)
Unless your soil is replenished by annual flooding which covers it with silt, you will be in trouble after a few years.
4) I'm not saying growing your own food is not a good idea --it is and urban dwellers are extremely vulnerable to disruption in supply lines. But it is a lot harder when you can't make a run to the local gardening store and pick up a bag of fertilizer. However, having a well established garden now would be a big help versus trying to create it from scratch by digging up lawn turf.

4) Insects and wildlife can also screw you badly if you lack modern insecticides and wire fencing.

Anonymous said...

Senor Fiesta here.

One word . . . Aquaponics.

(Google it)

Anonymous said...

Sufficient calories isn't a problem nowadays with cheap fat and sugar in foods. (Mexico is the most obese country in the world for example)

Steve said...

You could be correct, but Canada is not a great place to grow anything, and the pioneers made due with crop rotation. My own grandparents had 40 x 60 foot gardens and grew enough potatoes to feed them (and us) through the winter, they might have had cow manure in the spring but thats all.