Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sad state of affairs in the land of the free…

Another graphic video but one that needs to be spread and seen. 
 ******(violence warning)*******

I have the greatest respect for police officers. Some are my most trusted friends, but also understand that I come for a country where not long ago the State made people “disappear”. In this video we see a man filming public employees doing their job. He’s on the sidewalk, public ground, and keeping his distance while filming. He doesn’t resist when arrested for no other reason than filing public employees. The officers fail to deescalate the violence and are obviously upset about getting filmed.  Even the dog seemed to back down until Mr. “I compensate small genitalia with my gun” gets involved and tries to grab the dog. 
I hope for the well-being of the public and for the well being of the nation that this person not only gets removed from the police force, but is never again allowed to handle a firearm ever again. This jack booted thuggery is getting out of control.



Anonymous said...

In America as in Argentina, the role of the police is to protect the status quo. When the economy is good, the people is part of the status quo; when the economy is in the tank, the people are patsies; when the people gets tired of being patsies and try to question the power exercised in their name, then they are enemies of the status quo.

Make no mistake, as long as the people is submissive to the status quo, the police even bothers to protect it from crime. Otherwise, the strong arm of the state, among which is the police, is used to protect itself.

The only exceptional thing about America is its currency being an international reserve currency. Gone are its constitution, its freedom and its braves. What's going to be left of America when the dollar is debased to worthlessness?

Steve said...

Same situation in Canada. The Cops think they are above the law.

The whole militarization of the police due to the war on drugs is to blame. Why do cops have to wear camo?

lemmiwinks said...

Augustine, well said.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a recent story near Las Vegas. Police wanted to use a family's home to watch a domestic dispute next door. The family said no. The cops turned all of their attention on the family, busted down the door, pepper sprayed several people and arrested the homeowners for not letting the police use the home.

It's sad that I have to teach my kids that cops are not our friends. Different from when I was growing up.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I have this straight. The cops are obviously responding to a pretty hot call..as evidence by the automatic weapons they are carrying. So now I have a guy who keeps pointing a object at me from 25 or 30 yards away..not sure what it is..meanwhile I have this already dangerous call I am on. Now the call is cleared and I approach this guy to find out why he is obstructing my previous call. I would absolutely arrest this guy for obstruction.

This guy was obviously looking for trouble with the police...and he found it. He was responsible for that dog getting shot...if he would have gone about his business no one would have gotten arrested and he would still have his dog.

Yes, I am a former LEO and I tend to see things from the police side.

FerFAL said...

Hes clearly filming with a phone, not pointing a potential weapon at them. He does so from a distamce without interfering with their police work. Theres clearly other people filming as well. If youre planning on arresting everyone that walks around with cell phones up at eye level youll end up arresting 70% of the world population within 24hs.