Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday: Top 12 Gifts for Christmas

Still the best multitool there is. Check my video review if you’re still not convinced.
2) Eagletac D25C   $54.90
My current EDC light. I’ve used it all year long and cant say enough good things about it. Very compact, 397 lumens, clicky operation, recessed button, so it can stand on its tale and doesn’t get turned on accidentally in your pocket, yet easy to click on when needed. It has low, medium and high mode along with strobe and SOS, the low mode can be set at a very low “moonlight” mode that will last for days. Pretty tough too. Since its so small, it ended up going for a ride in the washing machine inside one of my pants. It still worked and didn’t corrode or rust later on. I have my eye on the titanium version, would make a nice present.
Oh sure, why not. The more I read other preparedness and survival manuals out there the more confident I am about shamelessly recommending my own. It’s packed with practical, real-world advice and based on the Amazon reviews and feedback I get from you guys I know you’ll like it.
4) Xbox One $1,099.99
Sure isnt a priority but I know I’m getting one eventualy.
In the old days you were supposed to have cards, toys and board games in a fallout shelter. Today, in the modern version of bugging in, that’s been replaced by video games. I said it back in 2005 and still think the same way: Based on my experience, when inflation kills your purchasing power and a dinner out and movie means you have to sell a kidney along with the chances of getting shot if you are still out after the sun goes down you start having a new found appreciation for home entertainment systems. Alone or with friends, its cheap, safe entertainment for when when things are bad out there.When I take a break I’m currently playing a bit of GTA V (excellent game, by the way).

I know of a few “like minded people” in Argentina that have these in their carry Glocks. Some are cops that had to give up the skull cracking ability of their old steel framed Hi Power 9mm but not any more! Sure, its intended for breaking glass and for that it would also work well I guess, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t use it on an attacker’s head if you had do. At first I thought it was a weird gimmick, like the pistol bayonet, but then I saw that it doesn’t hurt your hand when reloading (its not sharp, simply a solid tip) and that applied with force to a bad guy’s skull carbide metal makes more sense than plastic.
I’ve been using mine for almost two years now. Titanium, solar, bomb proof and tons of functions. Maybe the one I use the most is the barometric pressure chart. Just looking at it lets me know what the weather is going to be like. Graph going up, its getting nice, dropping, then there’s rain coming, if it shows a steep drop then you better find shelter soon!
Mrs. FerFAL Officially Approved Gifts
Its small, sturdy and packed with useful tools. The pliers are for light tasks only but what she uses the most is the small blade for opening boxes and the screwdrivers for replacing batteries. She mentioned liking the flat Philips screwdriver that “fits everywhere” and has a magnetic tip so as to not lose those small screws. I like the PS4 as well but if you want something even smaller and lighter (no pliers though) try out my personal favorite keychain multitool, the Victorinox Midnight Minichamp.
8) Fenix E05  $20.95
This one has been living in my wife’s keychain for some time now. At first she thought it was “cute”. Now she uses it all the time.

This was wasn’t as much a gift as it was my wife one day stealing it for some reason. She liked how it looked, and what it did. For most practical purposes its not that different from the German Army knife, with the saw replaced for a seat belt cutter.
The Delica is a classic, solid knife for its size and a favorite for those with small hands. Great knife for the ladies.
A lady’s man-purse I guess. It looks good and women seem to like it. My wife finds these type of bags pretty handy.
Wifes, daughter, a must have for all women and guys too (but maybe not in pink).
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Take care people, hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ferfal,

I'm agree with you:I have the Eagletac D25C titanium version and it's a really nice gift... ;-)

Take care: your family and you


Anonymous said...

I've got an older version of that Mini-Champ on my keychain - it lacks the phillips bottle opener blade, but the others are there. The scales fell off long ago and so the tweezers and toothpick are now gone. Much slimmer in profile, about a 50% reduction in fact. Well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Avoid all Gates products. He is a dangerous globalist. theXbox is a surveillance device, look it up and avoid.