Monday, November 4, 2013

Thoughts on National Geographic's "American Blackout"

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Anonymous said...

"Wartime Farm, is absolutely worth watching. I would like to thank you for suggesting this series.

I have come to realize, through other readings as well as this series, that wars and economic crisis' seem to follow the same pattern. Many of the problems start when the country is not self sufficient in production of goods and food and instead, relies on imports. The "opposing side" will launch a blockade, embargo, or goods restriction in which the products they need are no longer available. Governments have punitive confiscation laws and use them. In the case of GB, they "confiscated" (some literally when they didn't pass the muster and got a bad grade) the farms and by the wars end almost everything was strictly rationed.

Within a few years of a war, and the British were no exception, wearing apparel becomes unserviceable quickly. It gets worn out. The British rationed how much material one could purchase per year as well as the number of buttons, how long, etc. Some years it was less than one outfit per adult. Many people write about food and water, and certainly it is very important, but few look to long term use for clothing and shoes as well as the means and skills to repair these items. I am certain that others could add to the list!!