Monday, December 16, 2013

BOB/GHB Gear Test: What works, what you Need & Gets Used


cryingfreeman said...

Just to add to what FerFal said there:

1. I think we agreed on the hike that those little stoves (Trangia, the "Tommy Stove" and my own Vargo hexagonal stove) are a good first solution when you find yourself stranded in the wild because they save you the time in gathering a load of firewood and building a fire, and as such they can provide a quick morale boost as you begin to adapt to the situation. After that, with your blood sugar boosted and spirits lifted a little, you know you will have to seek out a more substantial and longer lasting solution to cooking as you make your way back to civilisation.

2. Don't think FerFal brought too much gear; at various stages in the past I have needed many of the things he never used on that hike. A few weeks ago, I did my first hike of the winter season and stupidly forgot any chocolate / sweets. I suddenly found my body shaking with hunger and barely able to light the little stove to heat some beans. At that moment, I would have eaten soggy bread. You have never felt hunger until you have hiked into the wild, in the cold, on an empty stomach but with a full rucksack weighing you down!

3. Layers: I ended up with 4 layers once we stopped in the forest and the body temperatures fell. They were: base layer, fleece, down shell, waterproof hiking coat. If it had been snowing instead of raining, I would have swapped the waterproof and down layers in that sequence.

4. In addition to our head torches, I had a 1200 lumen torch from Mcgee Engineering in Colorado and I believe FerFal's was the same model. They give excellent illumination and have other good features too, such as strobing and SOS modes.

5. A final point on the boots; for snow of a moderate depth I would also have a generic spiked over-grip product in my winter rucksack. This is not anything like a crampon, which are for steep climbs in deep snow and ice; rather, this is for extra grip on snowy trails in forests.

Anonymous said...

Please mount the camera, way too shaky to be enjoyable to watch.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. Amazon will be sending some cents your way.

Merry Christmas.