Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pak-Lite: The mini flashlight that lasts for Months

Looking at your article for 12 Christmas gifts (survival related) I think you missed a good one.

I have about 10 of these now spread throughout the house and my car. 

Please note - I have no other interest in the product other than I think it's the most useful  EDC tasklight I've ever used.

It's the Pak-lite.  I suggest you take a look.  The part I like best is that I've used one of these as a bedside light for about 3 months now and the low setting works really well for going around the house.
Since the low setting light is good for about 600 hours on one 9volt battery....  I think it's got the potential to be the most useful light you can have in an emergency.

Their web site is at:    http://9voltlight.com/

I really suggest you go through the whole site - I found it very useful.  You can also find a few videos for these on you-tube.
 Pak-lite LED Flashlight, Basic Economy $10.95

Hi, thanks for your email.
The Pak-lite has been around for a long time and a lot of people do love it. At a time it was a bit of a classic among survivalists and it still is.

The concept is very interesting as a minimalitic light that uses the battery itself as the body. Glowing in the dark makes it easier to find and while not terribly bright it will last for several months, which is its greatest advantage.

I prefer a flashlight that has a body of its own. For a non tactical flashlight, I preffer cheap, easy to find AA and AAA batteries. The user interface is also a bit weird, given the small switch. A twist or clicky interface would be more handy in my opinion. For a few extra bucks I would go for a Fenix E05 in AAA or a E11 in AA. More power, more handy and easier to find batteries. The Eagletac D25C that I listed among the 12 gift ideas and my personal choice for EDC has a moonlight mode that would last several days on a fresh battery.

Having said that there's something to be said of a light that lasts for months when in Low mode, even if that mode isnt very bright. During extended periods of time without power, it would be priceless.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your comment about battery being the majority of the flashlight's body. The PAK Lite head would make a great kit component though, a very compact light kit in need of only a 9V battery to work. In that regard - nice! Would need a crush proof container though.

My preferred 9 volt battery flashlight is the PAL light - I've had mine for several years and its never let me down.

Anonymous said...

The paklite is a great idea but hugely overpriced. Ten bucks (and up to THIRTY for "upgraded" modules) for a piece of hardware that probably costs a few cents to make.


Anonymous said...

9V batteries are quite expensive, easily 6x the price of standard AA.

I prefer the $4 AA LED flashlights with quick Zoom sold on Amazon
We have at least a dozen of them scattered around the house and in the car. They are brighter than some expensive LED flashlights I bought years ago, and are durable and well designed.

Joseph said...

I like the idea of these little lights, but the price plus shipping is not worth it to me. Maybe if I can find them locally.