Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bugging Out: AR15 vs Lever-Action Rifle

> I live in a mountainous region of the US. When I walk out the door, I
> can see atleast 50 yards away off my front porch. I’m still in town.
> The family farm and home community is well outside of town, but not too
> far. That said, this is the question.
> I am proficient in two weapons – I own more, but these two are the ones
> I know very well:
> 1) Standard M16/M4/AR-15 – have had one since I was 17 (nearly 20 years)
> – and extensively trained.
> 2) A Marlin 30-30 – A standard deer rifle as you know, grew up around
> these and use them well.
> Both rifles are set up to their best and most reasonable advantage for
> this region. (Here, the AR’s have shotgun 1-4×30 sights due to the
> range and the Marlin is set up with a 4×30 – both have back up sights
> and see through secondary mounts).
> Question: The time has come to take one out to the farm outside of the
> small city I live in. (At this point, I don’t want to leave all my arms
> in town in case something happens – and it’s looking like it will in the
> US soon.) The farm is over 1 hour away and is further back in the
> mountains. I can get there on foot if something really crappy happened.
> Said, which one, from your experience, would you rather have with you if
> you were stranded and had to get home through both a partial urban and
> then fully mountainous region (urban on and off for at-least two legs of
> the trip)?
> I will have a back up pistol – so either rifle can be broken down or
> stowed.
> I know most will say an AR, but I’ll looking at – since this is a deer
> hunting area, but with alot of firearms hating leftists – all my
> options.
> Thanks Again!,
> Appalachian

Hello Appalachian,
It seems that your main concern would be two-legged predators and therefore its obvious enough that your AR15 is your best choice.
The AR15 is a far more capable fighting gun than your 30-30. Yes, a lever action gun isnt bad, its just that the AR is simply better. First of all, its semi-automatic, you can fire it much faster, even using just one hand if needed. The lever action rifle only fires one shot at a time and requires a pretty complex (although it can be fast) mechanical manipulation. The AR has more capacity, its much faster to reload, its efficient beyond the effective range of the 30-30 and its more accurate.

Not a deer rifle. Still the AR15 is very much capable of taking one down.

The AR also happens to be the most prolific rifle in America. If everything goes to hell when you evacuate, chances are you’ll find ammo, mags. and parts for your AR.
Regarding which gun is more politically correct, dont bother with it. Those who’s opinion does matter, military, police, rescue teams, they wont care what type of gun it is, they’ll just see a gun and react based on that. If you ever end up shooting someone and end in court, it wont matter what gun you used, you’ll go to jail or not depending on you shooting within what’s considered self-defense or not. Shoot someone the wrong way for the wrong reasons with a 30-30 and you’ll go to jail just as if you had shot him with a single shot 22LR pipe gun.


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