Monday, November 3, 2014

ISIS fighters Bartering Slaves: A Girl for a Glock

The video below shows some ISIS fighters talking about buying female slaves. At some point, one of them start talking about bartering a female slave for a “Glock pistol”, either that or 500 USd, which is pretty close to the market value of a new Glock.

Some thoughts crossed my mind as I watched this video. Frist, that it’s pretty sad that in this day and age we have such brutality, which not even animals are capable of. It reminded me of what Pope Francis said a few days ago, about how Satan exists in the 21st century and that “The devil is real and he must be fought”. In case anyone didn’t notice, this right here is pure evil, the massacre and ruthless torture of the weakest of them all. Second, it was the value of both cash and firearms. Everywhere around the world, even among these evil scumbags that trade with children, cash and guns (especially handguns) are consider valuable, tradable goods.
Sorry for the dark topic, but I think its important to understand what’s out there, what we’re dealing with and what they are capable of.


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