Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My take on the Shooting of Michael Brown


Anonymous said...

Very good comments. What many people don't realize is this is not a racial problem as much as it is a thug problem. When you have a segment of the population who attempts to excuse their criminality by screaming racism and trying to bully and intimidate the remainder of the population both black and white nothing good will come of it. There has been a sea change in the U.S. Most blacks and whites want a good life for their children and themselves. Others are thugs who want to bully, loot and burn. Those people must be stopped and Darren Wilson did our society a service. Travon Martin was just going to do a "whip ass " on George Zimmerman but Zimmerman didn't let it happen. People who live in their sheltered communities and send their children to private schools where only members of the elite of all races attend have no concept of what it is like to be sucker punched by a thug. Yet, they can get on TV and scream racism. Eric Holder, our atty General, would not last a weekend in one of these "communities" of his people. A world of private schools, gated communities, and faculty lounges where intellectuals discuss racism in U.S. is not what this is about. These people are thugs who ruin their own lives, the lives of good, hardworking black and white people with their behavior and scream racism as an excuse for bad things resulting from their own behavior. Sending that family to the UN to condemn the US for her raising a thug for a son was a travesty. The woman just beat up her dead son's grandmother for Heaven's sake. The step father, a convicted felon, screamed (on camera) to burn down the community. 25 businesses owned by local people who employed other local people were destroyed. Those are the ones who deserve our sympathy.

Burke said...

In Florida, the clerk who was robbed by Brown could have used deadly force to prevent the robbery and could then have been ruled immune from prosecution.