Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What Items do I keep Handy in my Car?

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I recently did a video about the topic, what car I consider well suited for my needs, the capabilities I’m looking for and also some of the stuff I keep handy in the cabin.

There’s really nothing out of the ordinary but it’s a system that has worked well for me over the years.

Big can of Pepper Spray
Sabre Red 52CFT30 Crossfire Stream (MK-4) Pepper Spray, 1.33% MC, 3.0 Ounces
Keep it handy, even if you have a gun… especially if you have a gun. Most wannabe badasses can be handled with a bit of OC spray, avoiding the terrible legal mess of explaining the use of lethal force.
I also keep one next to the front door in the house and a couple smaller cans my wife and I carry occasionally.

Anti-Theft Bar

Half Klingon Bat'leth battle axe, half anti-theft bar, this is the exact same one I have, as shown in the video.
Good for securing the car too. I guess the steering wheel itself can be cut, theres videos about it, but in my experience (as in someone breaking into my car and trying to steal it when I had one of these things in the wheel) They will just give up and go looking for a car that doesn’t have a bar. Usually they just see it and don’t even bother, go look a car without it.

A Good Flashlight

I keep a Thrunite similar to this one, 2000 lumens and its rechargeable via micro USB port meaning I can charge it using the phone charger kept in the car.

Victorinox Rescue Tool
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Rescue Tool Jubilee
I keep it in the center glove compartment. If there’s an accident and everything flies in every direction, it stays in there and I know where to reach it. It’s a nice tool with glass breaker and seat belt cutter as well as a solid blade and big screwdriver. The burglar bar is no doubt a better glass (and skull) breaking tool given its weight but I still like having this one too.
Cheaper rescue tool? Go with the Resqme tool

Something else I’d love to have and I’ll keep an eye out during Black Friday:

There’s of course other gear I keep in the trunk in bags and will go through it in the next video.
Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving with the family!

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