Thursday, September 10, 2009

Media control in Argentina: Blunt and Brutal

We’ve seen it going on for a while: Threats, intimidation and prosecution of writers and journalists, bribes to loyal jackals, phone and email tapping by the Argentine intelligence agency but now its shameless and out in the open, no longer tinfoil hat material or conspiracy theorists.
Take note people, this is important. This is one of the things some people feel that oh, it will never happen here, but maybe a couple years from now when everyone disagreeing with the government gets labeled as a terrorist, maybe then people will be singing a different tune.
There’s a law right now the K government in Argentina is trying to get approved, that would make media more… “fair”… . BS aside it would give then control, lawful control of the media, something we haven’t seen since our previous dictatorship in the 70s.
This law would give the government to basically decide who they authorize ( with some BS excuse ) who they authorize to have a license for TV channels and other media. They would control the media plain and simple.
Ms. K said “Freedom of speech doesn’t imply freedom of extortion”.
You see, the K regime considers reporting anything that would tell the truth about their corrupt government “extortion”.
A report questions the ways in which the capital of the presidential couple increased in 150% in one year, according to their own tax report? Extortion!
Another article questions subsidies for 10.000.000 pesos to an illegal company owned by one of their buddies? Extortion!
How about the pharmaceutical company with strong attachments to Mexican drug dealers and local fake pharmaceutical drugs sold in the local market(many of them simply placebos ) and how this same company gave millions to the K presidential campaign? Oh, Extortion of course!
A dictator doesn’t crawl form under a rock or comes to this world through the gates of hell.
No folks, dictators usually get voted into office, at least at first.
Then they try to control everything, they become hungry for power.
And in the end they loose contact with reality. They think they are almighty, like Gods, and when things don’t turn out like they want they become even more violent, capable of anything.
Lets “Hope”… USA never “changes” … into something like this:


Controversial inspection
Between 180 and 200 inspectors of the AFIP tax collecting agency showed up at the headquarters of Clarín newspaper, in an operation classified as "routine", although the newspaper reported it as an "intimidation" due to a conflict it holds with the government.
The government is looking for Congress to approve a controversial bill to decentralise the media sector. If passed, the bill will affect the big media conglomerates, such as Clarín Group.
The operation coincides with the publication of compromising information for Ricardo Echegaray who, aside from being head of the AFIP, is also in charge of the irregularities denounced by Clarín newspaper of the ONCCA farm trade control agency, which allowed 10 million pesos in subsidies to be paid to a company without authorization.

AFIP (TAX)inspectors raid Clarín building

"We are truly surprised (...) These types of inspections have never occurred in all of Clarín's history as a newspaper," said Clarín's manager of External Communications Martín Etchevers to a local TV station.
"The illegal use of government organisms to attack our companies is a shameful custom," he added.
The newspaper's general editor, Ricardo Kirschbaum, enrolled the agency's fiscal action in a framework of "intimidation" and government "harassment."
Inspectors arrived in the building where the Clarín, La Razón, and Olé -also property of Clarín Group- newsrooms are found.
An AFIP tax collection agency source told journalists that a massive operation in Clarín was "routine" and that its purpose was to "relieve personnel."
President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, as well as her predecessor and husband, Néstor Kirchner, constantly criticise part of the press for the way in which it informs about government-related issues, and considers Clarín as part of the opposition.
Buenos Aires City Mayor, Mauricio Macri, said the operation "feeds levels of violence and confrontation." According to deputy-elect Francisco de Narváez, it is "a sample of the instruments the State uses to condition." Margarita Stolbizer, depute-elect for Buenos Aires province, defined it as "abuse of power," and Patricia Bullrich as "violent and anti-democratic."


Bones said...

This is a truly disgusting, naked attempt to intimidate and control the media. What is the chance the broadcasting bill will pass?

Incidentally here in the US the democrats were talking of reviving an old law requiring broadcasters to air opposing viewpoints. This was viewed as an attempt to water down conservative TV like Fox News. Ironically, our government funded "National Public Radio" is completely and unabashedly liberal.

The root of the problem with liberals is their arrogant belief that any increase in government power is justifiable if you're doing it for the public good.

Their arrogance is in thinking that anyone opposing them is therefore morally wrong.

Patrick said...

One of my rationale for coming to live here was the relative incompetence and lack of reach that the centralized oligarchy has here. This to me sounds like petty turf war type stuff, which while bad, is way less organized and implementable than the panopticon they've built in the US.

I mean, just so we're clear, for all the incredible problems Argentina has, would you rather be living in the States right now?

FerFAL said...

Without a soubt Id rahter live in USA.
While not perfect, its the best country left, SHTF or not. No other coutry is like USA


Anonymous said...

Really? I'm surprised to hear that. I'd be interested to hear you share your reasons why you think a country like Canada is better to live in post SHTF than the USA? Or perhaps Australia? If you don't mind or course

Anonymous said...

Why don't you organize a revolution?

Why isnt anyone doing anything about this?

And I see you would rather live in the USA....why not move? And the USA is following, maybe 50 years behind, but soon there will be no bastion of freedom left for people to migrate towards.

Anonymous said...

This is why it's important to own a shortwave radio, especially for those of us in the USA who live under a de facto controlled media and where Obama is trying to get a bill passed that would allow him to shut down the internet in times of "emergency".

If the internet was ever shut down or greatly restricted here, most people would lose all non-controlled sources of info, and be forced to rely on the govt media. The only way to get opposing views into the country would be via shortwave. When the king of Nepal cut all communication links to the outside world in 2004, and stationed guards at radio stations, the BBC and other sources had to rush to initiate SW broadcasts into Nepal.

SW has long been used to break a controlled media, such as in the case of Radio Free Asia and the BBC Farsi (Iran) program. IMO a shortwave radio and lithium batteries to run it are an essential part of any SHTF kit.

CapnRick said...

FerFal... you are not alone.

QUOTE: America is a shining city on a hill, a beacon for all those in the world who yearn for liberty and freedom. She remains the greatest example of how an individual can take an idea and turn it into a life of beauty and success. And while she is not perfect and never has been, I believe in her. UNQUOTE by Michael Wilson, sceenwriter

This time of dominance by progressive elements around the world will pass. The mistakes of the Bush administration played right into the hands of American hating progressives around the world. The BO administration's appeasement policies are encouraging radicals on all sides, pushing the world closer to war.

Managua, Nicaragua - Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and the Sandinista-controlled Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) stand accused of rigging last year's municipal elections to steal more than 40 mayor's seats – including the capital city of Managua. The widespread allegations and documentation of fraud have led to $130 million in foreign-aid cuts from the United States and the European nations, creating liquidity problems for the government that now jeopardize Nicaragua's program with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Despite the continuing controversy over last year's elections, the Sandinistas refuse to discuss the issue with critics. Instead, they have cracked down on dissidents and routinely clashed with any attempt at opposition protests. The government has also endeavored to silence critical voices in the media – sometimes with an excessive show of force.

Last week, 30 armed men in civilian clothing raided, shut down, and confiscated all the equipment of a small radio station whose owner is affiliated with an opposition political movement.

Though Radio La Ley only had a weak, six-mile broadcast frequency in the northern town of Sébaco, it was the only radio station in the area and therefore a threat to the government, according to owner Santiago Aburto.

The closing of the radio station – allegedly because its broadcast license was expired (even though a 2007 law extended all media broadcasting licenses indefinitely) – was condemned by the Radio Broadcasters Union, the national press and the Inter-American Press Association.

Put on the defensive by claims of fraud and silencing the media, Mr. Ortega has seized an opportunity to go on the offensive presented by the coup in Honduras.
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Suerte -CapnRickparcep

Mongo said...

FerFAL, I have been a bit neglectful and I haven't dropped in on your site for a while.

I am so glad you authored a book. I will order one soon.

Keep your head down.

Unfortunately in the US we have to be on constant vigilance for actions such as this post describes.

Some, myself included, view our current administration as not so closet Marxists and Fascists.

Best Wishes,


Anonymous said...


That is exactly what is happening in the united States right now! The elite are calling for Assange's head, they have bills in Congress to stifle and control talk radio, the Net Neutrality bill, etc. It is December 8, 2010. I see your post is from 2009. Did not take long, did it?

Thanks, learn lots from you!