Saturday, September 19, 2009

Robbers targeting homes full of people

Houston NewsHOUSTON – A group of armed men are barging into homes full of people and robbing them. Police say the robbers are targeting the Timbercrest neighborhood in the Third Ward. Thought you might find this interesting. Love my Colt .45 government model made in 1925. The wolf ammo, steelcase causes some of the brass cases to stick. Too much carbon build up I think. Pull the trigger slowly when your on the target. Let the hammer drop surprise you. Bulls Eye!

Robbers targeting homes full of people

By Lee McGuire / 11 News
HOUSTON – A group of armed men are barging into homes full of people
and robbing them. Police say the robbers are targeting the Timbercrest neighborhood in the Third Ward.
One Sunday night, the Abernathy family was enjoying dinner when they had an uninvited guest.
"I thought it was somebody playing with us,” said Helen Abernathy, robbery victim.
Helen Abernathy said she laughed when she saw the strange man in her kitchen, until he pulled out a gun.
“He said, ‘This is for real. This is a robbery. I want everything you have,’" Abernathy said.
He and a friend robbed everyone in the house.
It may sound like an ordinary home invasion except there weren’t just a few people in the home at the time.
“Twenty people. There was 20 people in the house," Abernathy said.
Two days later, police believe the same men barged into a crowded fraternity house just down the street and robbed the people there. The students have now moved out and the home is for rent.
"That's the fear that the community has. And they have every right to be fearful because they are taxpaying citizens and we are not going to take this," said Houston City Council Member Wanda Adams.
The robberies prompted a town-hall meeting.
"It is our responsibility as citizens of this community to tell them, no, you're not going to have that here. We're not going to allow it," said neighborhood president Tomaro Bell.
Residents think the criminals are hiding out in abandoned buildings which are numerous in the area since Hurricane Ike. But for all the fear they're causing, the robbers don't seem to be getting much for it.
"Cell phones and about $300. I don't think it was really worth coming in," said Abernathy.
She says she's not scared. Instead, she's fighting back.
"They don't want to go to work. They don't want to do anything. They want to take people's things. Work. Go to work," said Abernathy.
The community is now working together with the police department to stop the rash of brazen crimes.

This is an all too common situation in Argentina, and one of the main reason lifestyle and habits end up being changed unless you want to be the next victim.

1)Doors locked at ALL times
2)Getting in and out of the house FAST
3) NO messing around and talking with the neighbors on the front door. Better to invite the person in for a drink or cup of tea than being exposed.
4)CAREFUL when answering the door. Never open the door without knowing who’s on the other side.

Not saying anything new here folks, but still people keep failing to apply these simple rules most of us know since we were little children.

A final consideration: Takes less than a second to kick, what? 95% of the front doors out there?
How long would it take you to reach your firearm? Better to carry your handgun with you at all times. Its not that big a deal once you get used to it. If you’re not still there, at least make sure you always have a weapon within reach. This goes specially for the big homes or the ones with to levels.

Robbers wont wait until you get your favorite rifle, gear up with all your tactical webbing, call your friends, etc. You need to reduce that reaction time gap as much as possible.

At night you can keep your weapon handy, along with a flashlight and body armor. Our good friend Nick from still has excellent armor at some of the best prices, don’t plan on shooting and never getting shot.
Takes just a couple seconds to gear up if everything is left handy, but if you don’t have those seconds (even though many times you do, and you should make the most of them) you need to fight back right away.



Anonymous said...

Tough with little kids, though. Have to sleep with mine if they have bad dreams, and hard to imagine wearing a shoulder holster with a year-old or three year-old running around all the time.

Matt S said...

My brother, wife, and I all have our carry licenses, and my brother and I both carry all day every day. Even with kids around.

I use a Crossbreed Supertuck and he uses the Cozy Partner. Both are level 1 holsters, but wrasslin' with kiddos, I've never had my XD wiggle loose. I've found it to even be a little helpful when carrying a little one for a long distance. Just toss that leg over the gun and it lightens the load just a tad.

fitpro said...

I would keep my AK handy until they catch these guys...I always have a Glock within reach but the AK would probably be a better choice in this scenario.

Anonymous said...

With the "castle doctrine" as law in Texas, I'm surprised that the thugs survived their second crime. Over here in East Texas a robbery like this would bring out everyone in the neighborhood looking to get off a shot or two...