Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reply: Recommendation for H2H fighting

Anonymous said...
Hi Ferfal, this is my first time visiting your page, but it looks good. Something similar happened to me not long ago while going to that new mall (DOT) and going by the villa. I've been training muay thai for two years here in the capital, so luckily i was able to handle it and get the hell out of there. I would say muay thai, coupled with BJJ is your best bet. is an excellent site and will tell you where and when to go if you're interested. It's cheap, everybody there is cool and it is a very high quality program. take care.

Hi! Thanks for the link. Yes, I’d like to know where the gym is located, sounds pretty interesting.
Try avoiding villas next time. :-)
I once went into Fuerte Apache by mistake, and older woman started waving her arms and yelling “Get out of here, get out of here!”
I looked into the rear view mirror and so a little mob coming my way so I “J” turned and got away fast. :-)
About DOT mall, its so typical of the Argentine problem. A fa├žade pretending everything is ok but the reality is very different.
Just a few days after DOT’s grand opening, they suffered a bank robbery inside, there was a shooting, don’t remember if a guard was killed or wounded.
Kind of sucked to have that image attached to a newly inaugurated mall.


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